‘Banging Her Head Against the Wall’: Biden Campaign’s Top Latina Adviser Departs Over Lack of Immigration Input

Bastiaan Slabbers/File Photo/Reuters

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign suffered a setback after its most senior staffer for Latino and African American outreach quit, citing frustrations with Biden’s immigration stance.

Vanessa Cárdenas was the campaign’s top Latino advisor and the national coalitions director, but left the position last week, as Politico reports.

According to Politico, friends of Cárdenas said she was frustrated because she felt the campaign did not listen to her advice on immigration policy and Hispanic outreach.

“Vanessa kept banging her head against the wall, trying to get them to take the community more seriously. And Biden just really won’t change when it comes to the way he talks about immigration. It became too much.”

Friends also claimed that the campaign was “hyper-focused on whites in Iowa.”

“The campaign is just hyper-focused on whites in Iowa and African-Americans, and it placed less value on Latino outreach.”

Biden’s campaign has had a hard time finding its footing when it comes to Hispanic outreach. As Politico reports, Biden skipped a gathering of elected Latino officials in June, a move the organizer of the event said carries “significant risk.”

He has also faced criticism on the Democratic debate stage for former President Barack Obama’s record on deportations and has been pressured to answer if he supported the deportations or if lobbied against them.

In October, the Biden campaign launched a new Hispanic outreach program but did not buy the domain name for a website, opening the door for President Donald Trump’s campaign to acquire the domain and troll Biden, as IJR has previously reported.

Biden recently was confronted by immigration activists during a campaign event in South Carolina over Obama’s record on deportations. At first, Biden responded snarkily by saying they should vote for Trump.

He continued to say that he would not stop all deportations as president, but would continue deportations for those who committed felonies. Then he asked the protesters if they believed convicted murderers should not be deported.

“No matter what happens, some commits murder they shouldn’t be deported? Let me ask you a question if someone commits murder, they shouldn’t be deported?”

Additionally, Biden said that under his presidency he would end the controversial family separation policy.

Watch the exchange below:

That moment underscores some of the issues that Cárdenas was facing, according to some of her friends.

“What happened last week was a perfect example of what Vanessa was dealing with. Biden just refuses to talk about the issue in a compassionate way.”

Despite allegedly being “hyper-focused on whites,” polls have found Biden leading other Democratic candidates among Latino Democrats in Texas and California.

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Phil, The right to stay AND parasitically benefit from programs intended for citizens is not just what they demand, it’s what the 2020 candidates promise. Bullshit. I want my tax dollars to benefit citizens, not parasitic bandits. Easy solution: Cut them off. Housing, health, education, jobs. Hard part: getting those who want their votes (illegally) or those of their *ahem* citizen children. (that part definitely needs to be fixed.) to pass such legislation. Your dog had puppies in my yard. I am in no way obligated to take care of them, unless it involves a BBQ or feeding my pigs.… Read more »


Let’s be clear, invariably among the top 5 voting issues* are the economy, healthcare, and immigration. The others vary.

Let’s also be clear that LEGAL immigration is not people sneaking in ILLEGALLY.

It’s not a race issue, despite lies attempting to portray it as such. It’s an economic, national security, and rule of law issue.

*USNews, Gallup, Quinnipiac, etc.

Phyllis Softa

She was banging her head against the wall to get Biden to say that he would end ALL deportations?? That “underscores the issues she was facing”? If Biden has no intention of ending ALL deportations, WHY would she bang her head against the wall to get him to lie? Carlos Rojas’ approach is hurting his efforts, not helping. NO ONE believes anyone can come to America illegally and DEMAND the right to stay.





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