Biden Stands up to Critics Accusing Him of Name Dropping Obama Too Often by Name Dropping Obama Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden defended claims that he is using former President Barack Obama’s name to keep his campaign afloat by doing the very thing he’s been criticized for.

Biden’s time as vice president is obviously a highlight on his presidential resume, but some have criticized him for tieing himself to Obama’s legacy instead of offering his own vision for America.

One of his presidential competitors, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), called him out for coasting on Obama’s legacy rather than his own works and claimed that voters care more about candidates’ “vision for the future” than “who [they’re] associated with.”

When confronted about Harris’s jab during a press gaggle, Biden tried to claim that he’s got more than just his ties to Obama to keep him afloat but it all fell apart when he did the one thing he was not supposed to do: name drop Obama.

Watch Biden’s comments:

“I say, let’s talk about the future instead of talking about the past, that’s what I think. That’s what this is all about. It’s about the future and I am ready to debate health care and Obamacare and whether that’s the way to go. We can debate education, climate change. That’s what I want to debate.”

Biden’s mention of Obamacare is a clear link that he’s tied to the past, considering that nearly all of the 24 Democrats running for president have endorsed some form of Medicare for All, rather than a rebuild of the Affordable Care Act — including Biden himself.

As IJR previously reported, Biden said 2020 Democrats are “all on the same page” when it comes to policies that are “close to universal health care.”

This is not the first time that Biden did or said the one thing he should have tried not to do or say. The first scandal of his campaign surrounded his inappropriate behavior surrounding women, including long hugs and sniffing women’s hair.

In his first appearance after the scandal, Biden immediately cracked a joke about hugging a kid on stage.

It looks like some of Biden’s habits will be hard to break on the campaign trail.

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Pat Warnock

Well Obama doesn’t name drop Biden


Super O’s name should be dropped all right. Unfortunately he is part of our history and present.
Joe has little ammo so he has to live upon his past ‘glory’ because Joe is an Obamanite of the first order though the Obama’a seem to be shunning Floppy Joe
and I assume it is because they support someone much more radical.


The polls ALL showed Hillary as the winner. See how that works? I have voted for 40 years and no one ever got my opinion in a poll. Guess it depends on who is sponsoring the polls.


Talking about his role in the failed, corrupt Obama administration that was based on lies from beginning to end isn’t something to brag about. He should be distancing himself from those lies, but he just continues the lies.

Dave Hardesty

Two cheers for Joe Biden.

Hey hey ho ho Jokin Joe’s just gotta go.
Hey hey ho ho Jokin Joe’s just gotta go.

Here’s his new campaign song

Obama bama yo mama, banana bama yo mamma, Fe Fi yo mamma, Obama.

Or how about that oldie but goodie?

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smelling of Joe surrounds you


That he is still leading in polls – even when matched against President Trump – is just mind boggling. I’ll admit, i was initially pleased he was going to run, but now i just wish he would go away.


Apparently some old dogs can not be taught new tricks.


I was going to comment on Biden’s lack of vision AND “works”, but decided not to do so.

Two can play this game, Joe.

Maybe you should just drop out and write your memoirs. Indulge your other interests. Surely there are women and children as yet ungroped.





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