Biden Promises Russian Meddling ‘Wouldn’t Have, and It Didn’t’ Happen on His, ‘Barack’s Watch’

In former Vice President Joe Biden’s eyes, no Russian election meddling could’ve happened under his and former President Barack Obama’s watch.

Biden said during a CNN exclusive interview aired on Friday that he believes if President Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, there would be no more NATO.

He then went on to discuss the Russian government’s meddling in elections, pointing to countries such as Hungary, suggesting it “wouldn’t have” happened “on my watch.”

“While Putin is trying to undo our elections, he is undoing elections in Europe,” Biden said. “Look at what’s happening in Hungary […] look what’s happening.”

He added, “You think that would happen on my watch, on Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise you it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t.”

Watch Biden’s interview below:

However, as The New York Times points out, the Obama administration knew about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election but didn’t reveal that Russians “intended to interfere with the U.S. election process” until a month before the election.

“We were very concerned that we not be perceived as taking sides in the election, injecting ourselves into a very heated campaign or taking steps to delegitimize the election process and undermine the integrity of the election process,” former Secretary of Homeland security Jeh Johnson said in response to Obama not making his own announcement about the meddling.

Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s release of his long-awaited report, the Obama administration came under fire by the president and other Republicans for allegedly doing “absolutely nothing” to counter the Russian interference.

“Anything the Russians did concerning the 2016 Election was done while Obama was President,” Trump previously tweeted. “He was told about it and did nothing!”

As for Biden, he’s trying to hold on as the front-runner in the 2020 Democratic field, but he’s facing bumps in the road after he fumbled during the first 2020 Democratic debate. Since the debate, Biden saw a decrease in support among Democratic voters and raised less than another Democratic candidate in fundraising.

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Matthew Jacobs

To Biden FACTS are Like Kryptonite to Superman

Patti Harrison

Mr. Biden is very wrong, as I know that all of this collusion with Russia ??, was under Obama’s watch, and of course Bidens watch, they knew exactly what was going on, and who colluded with our country!

Gary Bunney
Gary Bunney

Hey Joe! Who was President and VP during the run-up to the last election (when the meddling took place)? Oh my! It was you and Obama!

john crawford
john crawford

What is it with this guy and reality? Democrats truly live in a fantasy world. It happened, but if I say it didn’t enough times, then it didn’t happen.


Biden, like all Democrats, is a pathological liar. His last election bid failed because of plagiarism. It was discovered that he was almost kicked out of college because of plagiarism. He can’t make up his own material and lies about everything, claiming that he’s done it all, but in reality has done nothing except complain. Obama and Biden did nothing during 8 years except screw everything up. They did nothing about the cartels ( except arm them), nothing about Benghazi, nothing about drugs, nothing about illegal immigration and nothing about any Russian interference (except make fake accusations against Trump and… Read more »

Pat Warnock

Oh yeah? Joe is telling porkies


Joe could watch the sunrise and say it was in the west.

Bonnie Keever

It did happen under Obama and Biden it is a proven fact





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