Biden Stresses Importance of $1.9 Trillion Relief Package After Jobs Report

President Joe Biden is reminding lawmakers why it is necessary to pass his $1.9 trillion relief package.

 During a meeting with House Democratic leadership in the Oval Office on Friday, Biden weighed in on January’s jobs report.

“We saw the jobs report. Only 6,000 private sector jobs will be created and at that rate, it’s going to take 10 years before we get to full employment. That’s not hyperbole, that’s a fact,” Biden said.

He added, “I appreciate you all coming over because, the urgency with which you’re moving, this is about people’s lives. This is not just about numbers.”

The president emphasized Americans are “really hurting.”

He continued, “We can really begin to do something consequential here.”

Watch his comments below:

Biden noted former President Barack Obama put him in charge of the Recovery Act.

“It was hard as hell to get the votes for it to begin with and then it was hard as hell to get even the number we got, but one thing we learned is we can’t do too much here. We can do too little,” Biden explained.

He continued, “It’s not just the macroeconomic impact on the economy and our ability to compete internationally. It’s people’s lives. Real, live people are hurting and we can fix it.”

The Senate approved a budget plan on Friday to allow Democrats to pass the bill with or without Republicans, as IJR reported.

The 50-50 partisan deadlock was broken by Vice President Kamala Harris who voted “yes.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) noted on Wednesday Democrats overwhelmingly agree on the size of the package, as IJR reported.

“There’s agreement, universal agreement we must go big and bold…We hope our Republican colleagues will join us…We want to do it bipartisan, but we must be strong. We cannot dawdle, we cannot delay, we cannot dilute,” Schumer said after meeting with Biden.


  1. If they were really concerned they would forgive some of the income taxes coming due in April… think of all the people that have taken un employment checks… those people are going to be hit with a large IRS tax bill… they are hoping to get the bill done by march… the taxes are due one month later in April…. so they give you a check for $1400 and you get to give it back to the IRS in April…. yep… the dems are all about helping the American public… sure they are…and the checks in the mail….and the check is for $2K….and you can keep your doctor…and…and…and… and.. more BS… thanks biden…ya putz

  2. “We can really begin to do something consequential here.” Joke Biden

    Yeah, you COULD, but you really are still fighting this, aren’t you? What you COULD do is offer a full $2,000 per month, EVERY MONTH, until the pandemic is over. OTHER countries have done that. YOU, initially, didn’t want to send out ANY money, so we are making a bit of progress by getting ONE more check. So frustrating.

    1. hey HATER GC… you really are confused… look this up yourself… if you live in NY you can get Unemployment benefits that pay this… per person $504/wk x 4 =$2016 /month … and you add the $600 the Fed paid out each week last year thats $2400/month…. so thats $4416/month per person… so two people in a house hold is 2×4416= $8,832.00 per month and they also can get other state benefits too… like free internet, like you don’t have to pay your rent… the list is long… so for a house hold of two thats $105,984.00 and your wanting them to get $2K/month…. thats confusing for everyone reading this… but we know your not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

      1. So where was all this outrage while Mango was president huh DICKER? Your posts hold no credibility because they are the ravings of a Mango Cultist.

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