Joe Biden Thinks President Trump Is to Blame for Iran Shooting Down an American Drone

Iran shot down an American military drone and former Vice President Joe Biden thinks that President Donald Trump is to blame.

Tensions between the United States and Iran have been escalating over the past few months. Iran has been ramping up its aggression by bombing tankers and firing missiles near U.S. embassies in Iraq. In response, President Trump has deployed aircraft carriers and bombers to the region to ensure that the U.S. is in position to respond, should Iran turn violent.

This building tension spiked again when reports surfaced late Wednesday evening that Iranian forces shot down an American military drone, which authorities confirmed on Thursday.

President Trump took to Twitter to alert Iran that they had mad a “very big mistake” by targeting the U.S. military.

While the president figures out how to address the attack from Iran on the U.S. military, Biden took the opportunity to politicize the moment and bash Trump.

Biden called out the president and claimed that the outbursts from Iran wouldn’t be happening if Trump had maintained the Iran nuclear deal.

In a statement, Biden called the attacks from Iran a “self-inflicted disaster.”

Biden dug into his support for the Iran deal and criticized President Trump for leaving the arrangement and “walking away from diplomacy.”

Biden claimed that the U.S. needed a new president who could “restore America’s standing in the world.”

While Biden may think the Iran deal resulted in a peaceful relationship between the two nations with Americans in higher standing, he must have forgotten how things were in 2016.

The Iran deal was signed on November 24, 2013, and took effect in 2015. In 2016, however, Iran broke international law and captured a U.S. Navy boat and detained the American sailors.

Clearly, Biden’s deal with Iran didn’t solve tensions between the U.S. and Iran, despite his accusations against the president.


  1. Am I to understand that the Iran “paperwork” deal bought and paid for by #44/Biden stopped Iran from possessing and from producing nuclear weapons? That Iran just began it’s nuclear arms manufacturing AFTER Trump canceled the “paperwork”? How many billions of $$$ did that deal cost the American taxpayer? How many pallets were needed to appease the Mullahs this time around?

    Asking for a fellow taxpayer.

  2. Biden was too beholden to Obama to break free from him. BHO gave him a salary for 8 years to hang out and keep his mouth shut. Biden doesn’t know what the Iran deal is, just calls it a BIG F D.

  3. Sure Joe. Iran is just a “victim of soicumstance. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.”

    I suppose the missile, in a fit of despair over serving the world’s #1 exporter/supporter of terrorism, decided to launch itself. Goodbye cruel world!

    Just like Iranian patrol boats take it upon themselves to harass shipping and detain a US naval vessel (remember that one?)

    Also, guns kill people. The people wielding them are NEVER at fault. Victims of circumstance.

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