Biden Vows Free Community College, Help for Schools Serving Minorities

Scott Morgan/File Photo/Reuters

U.S. Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden would make community college free and invest $70 billion in historically black colleges and universities as well as those serving other under-represented groups, his campaign said Tuesday.

Biden’s plan comes as the former vice president is seeking to hold on to his lead among black Democratic voters in the contest for the party’s nomination to run against Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

At historically black and minority-serving institutions, Biden has promised to invest in research incubators, new labs and facilities and other infrastructure. Of the $70 billion he has pledged to spend to help the schools, about $10 billion would be spent to help them increase enrollment and graduation rates.

Some $5 billion would be to help the schools fund teaching, healthcare and so-called STEM programs, which emphasize science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Biden would also expand federal college awards known as Pell Grants, making them more generous, his campaign said.

At the community-college level, Biden would not only help defray the cost of tuition, already provided free in some jurisdictions, but direct federal funds to pay for outside expenses that can make attending college too expensive, including food, lodging and childcare, his campaign said.

For students struggling to pay loans for undergraduate and graduate degrees, Biden would offer $10,000 of student debt relief for every year of national or community service, up to five years. His plan would also limit the monthly loan payments due after graduation and let students discharge private student loans in bankruptcy, relief not allowed under current rules.

Biden would also expand funding for training that does not involve a four-year degree, vowing to spend $50 million on workforce training programs including community-college business partnerships and apprenticeships.

Among the 19 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination, Biden has been a front-runner for months. But U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has caught up or edged past him in some recent polls – in part because of an increase in support among black voters.

Warren has promised to spend $50 billion to help historically black colleges and universities, while Senator Kamala Harris, who is black, says she will commit $60 billion for the schools.

(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento, California; Editing by Peter Cooney)

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John Gagliano Jr

Guy needs to drop out. He has no chance against trump


I was going to ask if Joe plans to pay for these programs WITH that Ukrainian cash, but that would violate the first rule of Dims. Never give your own money when you can take that of others.

Joe’s also being racist. Why is he offering money to HBCs but not others that might need help? The school that Bernie’s wife bankrupted comes to mind.


Typical Democrat strategy – When your losing points, promise them free bees and handouts. Promise more money, buy votes. When will people wake up to the deception that is the Democrat party. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

Tom Bodine

You are done Joe so take Hunter and go spend some of the Ukrainian cash and quit trying to give ours to people for votes.?

Judy Montgomery Chartrand

You Biden are a racist. Why not help other colleges with students who are POOR?! Poverty comes in all races, you ignorant baboon. You are politically greedy for votes, Giving away the bank to get elected.
Anyone who cheats on a test to get a higher grade, in reality, is still unlearned. Cheating to get votes doesn’t make you a winner. God please help us if you ever become president of America.

william jackson

Free free free—you know him freebie lyin’ Biden—typical (trying to get elected) lyin’ D-RAT.. Been promising free $&!t all their dirty D-RAT lives—-don’t have to follow through—-just promise free Pelosi, win the election, blame the retardlicans for stopping the freebie deliveries—–then laugh and mutter “stupid suckers”—-they fell for it again. Hey there—-yeah you—-stupid voters voting for freebie D-RAT promises—–you hope and pray for the freebies—-vote D-RAT—-then get nothing. How many times ya gonna repeat this ignorant cycle? How many times? Stop the foolishness. Look at Trump’s accomplishments: best economy in decades; lowest unemployment % in decades; highest level of female… Read more »


So 82 years old Joe is trying to get the college kids to vote for him. I can see it coming: “Vote for grandpa Joe!” bumper sticker.





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