‘End of Story’: Biden Says He Won’t Allow Family to Be Involved With Foreign Companies If Elected

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is declaring that he will not allow any family members to hold positions with foreign businesses if he were to be elected.

The Biden name has been wrapped up in the Ukraine controversy after President Donald Trump came under fire following a whistleblower’s complaint that the president asked the Ukrainian president to dig up information into Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and alleged the president withheld aid in the process.

Hunter Biden spoke out on Sunday for the first time about the criticism of his work as a board member with a Ukrainian natural gas company during his father’s vice presidency under former President Barack Obama’s administration, as IJR previously reported.

“I can tell you now, if I am your president, next president, I’m going to build on the squeaky-clean transparent environment that we had in the Obama-Biden White House, and no one in my family or associated with me will be involved in any foreign operation whatsoever,” Biden said at a campaign event in Iowa on Sunday.

“No one in my family will have an office in the White House, will sit in on meetings as if they’re a Cabinet member, will in fact have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country. Period. Period. End of story.”

See Biden’s comments below:

As IJR previously reported, Biden’s top campaign advisor Symone Sanders pushed aside questions regarding Hunter Biden during a recent Fox News interview. Instead, she suggested it was about Trump.

“Anytime [President Trump] wants to bring up Hunter Biden, the question should come back to Donald Trump and what he’s doing because this isn’t about Vice President Biden,” she said, adding, “This is about Donald Trump.”

One of Biden’s primary opponents, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), was previously asked if she’d allow a family member of her vice president to sit on a foreign company’s board. She shot off a “no” before backtracking to say, “I don’t — I don’t know. I mean, I’d have to go back and look at the details.”

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  1. Little late Joe…the barn door is closed and who knows where the horse ran off to…I think I heard China and the Ukraine.

  2. Why didn’t he say this when he was vp. Was it ok then? If this story about his didn’t come out would you be saying the same thing? Why was your son hitching a ride on af2 for business deals?

  3. FAKE, he already USED his office of Vice president for influence. Will anyone in the democrat field of candidates make LIGHT of this during the debates? After all, it was Al Gore who brought up “Willie Horton” (murderer released on furlough by then Gov. Dukakis – only to murder again while ON the furlough) during the primaries . . . but funny how they blamed George Bush for dirty politics, using it in the general election.

    Biden’s are dirty… ABC did not ask Hunter Biden about his father having influence on getting the prosecutor in Ukraine fired for INVESTIGATING his son… so there’s that.

  4. You have a communist a fake Indian, a fake Mexican a fake gladiator a bunch of socialists and and one idiot guess which one Biden is ? ?

  5. “I’m going to build on the squeaky-clean transparent environment that we had in the Obama-Biden White House”. Now that is just too funny. Thanks to CNN, MSNBC and the obvious liberal persuasion of their commentators the public knew little about what happened in the White House on purpose. Then there was Hillary….

  6. “I can tell you now, if I am your president, next president, I’m going to build on the squeaky-clean transparent environment that we had in the Obama-Biden White House, and no one in my family or associated with me will be involved in any foreign operation whatsoever,” ‘Squeaky-clean transparent environment’? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Lies, cheating, lies, corruption, lies, abandoning and ambassador and staff, lies, wire-tapping, lies, campaign interfering, did I mention lies? He lied then and he’s lying now.

  7. Sounds like he’s admitting that he and his son were involved in some shady deals before. Now, he says he won’t do that anymore. Of course, he won’t do it any less either.

  8. Great idea Seepy Joe, you’ve been there done that! You and your son are loaded from all your favors. The only thing anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see is how corrupt you, Obama and all the Democraps are!

  9. I am confused.

    Who is going to investigate King Donald The Loser’s children profiting off of daddy’s political position?

    1. I’m sure you have proof of that. What am I thinking? Of course you don’t. You just make crap up. The Trump children have businesses overseas, since before Trump was President, where they have expertise. Biden’s son admittedly had no experience or expertise in the positions he held. He just lent the Biden name to try to show legitimacy. Instead he failed and the companies had to pay fines for illegitimate dealings. Of course Biden squeaked by after two investigators resigned. Trump being investigated? He’s being investigated by the DEMOCRAT INQUISITION now. 8 separate investigations ongoing, all behind closed doors, in secret, we get told whatever lies the Democrats can make up. These lying democrats are demanding his business records and tax records for over 10 years. He hasn’t been President for 3 yet. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    2. We did that… When will you Communists investigate the fraud by Obama and HRC? The wire tapping? The spying? The theft of billions of dollars? The interference in foreign elections? Shall I go on or can you not bear the truth?

    3. You want to start investigating children of politicians who’ve profited off of their parents position? Are you sure? Let’s start with Chelsea Clinton and her $600k/ yr job she was handed out of college. Let’s continue with her MARVELOUS book writing career (aka copying things about great women of the past). Not to mention her wonderful salary with the Clinton Foundation – where’d that go btw, still offering help in Haiti?

  10. You were elected twice and you already did. You sold us out to Ukraine, China & Iraq. You’ve been dirty dealing with your brother and kids for decades.

  11. Well of course not he and his have already made their millions

    1. Oh sure, if Joe is in the White House and under the microscope he’ll be clean but his millions will be parked in an off shore bank and won’t be under that microscope.

  12. Sounds like he already has, wasn’t that Quid Pro Quo with what he did in Ukraine with having the prosecutor fired or no money?

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