Biden’s 2020 Campaign Manager Struggles to Explain Flip-Flop on Hyde: Not About Politics

2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign manager is struggling to answer as to why the former vice president changed his tune on the Hyde Amendment.

Following backlash from other 2020 presidential hopefuls and abortion advocates, Biden flip-flopped on his long-time support of Hyde, which prohibits federally funding certain abortions, on Thursday, just a day after confirming support for it, as IJR News reported.

After long-time support of the Hyde Amendment, Biden said in early May that it “can’t stay,” only to confirm on Wednesday that he supports it, and then reversed on Thursday to oppose it.

In case you missed it:

When pressed on CNN about the “anatomy of this decision change,” Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield responded, “this is not a decision about politics for him. It’s a decision about health care.”

Further asked when it became a matter of healthcare rather than religious views, Bedingfield said it’s about healthcare access. She added that “Roe is under unprecedented assault.”

However, that wasn’t enough for CNN host Briana Keilar. She noted that states have been pushing anti-abortion bills for months prior to Biden’s 2020 launch, “so why this change now?”

Bedingfield responded, “Look, this was a tough personal decision for him, but the substantive explanation is that the moment that we’re in now is a dramatically different one.”

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Keilar pressed even more on what changed Biden’s mind with the reverse position on the Hyde Amendment.

“You’ve asked the question a lot of ways, and I’ve answered it,” Bedingfield said.

The CNN host hit back, “I don’t think you’ve answered it, Kate.”

When later asked if his switch on the Hyde Amendment just a day after coming out in support will have voters questioning if he’s “truly authentic,” his campaign manager said she doesn’t think “any voter has a question about Joe Biden’s authenticity.”

Watch the video below:

However, Biden’s “flip-flop-flip” drew criticism from several after he recently announced his new position to oppose the Hyde Amendment, as IJR Red previously reported.

Among those was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) who mocked “poor Joe” on the switch up, saying the candidate “can’t remember his own positions.”

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Mr. Biden professes to be a Roman Catholic and as anyone knows anything about the Catholic Church they would understand that the Hyde Amendment is not just about “funding abortions” but the real issue here is whether he supports the life of the unborn in the womb. He says he is taking pressure from the Democratic party and his former stance with supporting the Amendment. So he flip flops and now says he’s against the pro-life issue. What I would say is that the Democrats are anti-life, anti-Constitution, and anti-American. They want socialistic communism in this country, whereas it failed… Read more »


Democrats have no principles. Even if they did, they would drop them in a heartbeat if it meant a vote no matter what. Look at their the law to kill living babies after there born, let alone at 6 weeks when they have a heartbeat. Terminate the mother with her baby in the womb if she wants as abortion. That way she”ll never get pregnant or need an abortion in the future. Plus remove all Federal funds to abortion clinics. I don’t my taxes to pay for murdering babies. That violates my religous beliefs and faith. Its sacrificing children on… Read more »


Obviously this woman thinks that she is speaking to stupid people. Everything Sleepy Joe does is about politics.





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