Biden’s Support Among Dem Voters Slumps After Poor Performance During 2020 Democratic Debate

After taking a fumble during his first 2020 Democratic presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s is seeing a decline in support among Democratic voters.

Biden — who caught a lot of attention even prior to his official announcement that he was running for president — has led the pack of Democratic hopefuls ahead of the 2020 presidential election thus far.

However, as a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll revealed on Friday, Democratic voters said they find Biden “somewhat favorable” after Thursday night’s debate. He had 76.5 percent favorability among Democratic voters prior to his debate, decreasing to 75.6 percent afterward.

Before the debates when voters were asked would they would vote for if the election were to happen tomorrow, Biden received 41.5 percent of the support. However, his numbers took a dive following his debate performance, as 31.5 percent of Democratic voters polled expressed their support for the candidate.

Additionally, the poll shows that Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro caught fire as the winners of the debate, gaining favorability with their performance.

Mike Segar/Reuters

During Thursday’s debate, Biden faltered when asked questions about his record under the Obama administration, as well as his past comments on working with segregationist senators, as IJR Red previously reported.

While Biden was declared a “loser” after the second night’s debate by Real Clear Politics and a report by New York Magazine Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi claimed Biden’s 2020 campaign team was “freaking out” after the debate, his campaign tried downplaying that report, as IJR Red also noted.

“A source close to the Biden campaign tells me his staff is ‘freaking out’ about his poor performance tonight,” Nuzzi tweeted, as Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield responded, “Nope.”


  1. Don’t think I’m crazy folks but who could possibly swoop in to save the Dems? Gee, the one and only Hillary? Here she comes to save the day…throw in Kamala Harris as VP? Hits all their PC points; women, ethnicity, LGBTQ, Progressive, liberal, both swamp dwellers. Don’t count this out, mark my words. The Dems are crazy enough to put this witches brew together.

    1. I’ve been thinking for a while that Hillary will wait until the party is in complete chaos and then announce her bid to “right the ship.” Would not surprise me.

  2. Biden is a doofus and a hump. His ‘best’ days are long gone and he should retire into obscurity.
    Where’s rich-ass Al Gore?

  3. I love Joe Biden! I give my vote to him!
    I think he is the only one that can beat Trump! He also does not want Medicare for all! That would raise our taxes! Biden is right that we need to build on the ACA!

    1. Janet is confused about Biden and how we would pay for Medicare For All (MFA).

      Biden sucks and would only get King Donald The Loser re-elected. The King got elected because he promised change, that he would bring out-sourced jobs back, etc, even though he was lying through his teeth. Biden has no plans that will get him the popular votes necessary to defeat the King. Biden only has a familiar name, “likeability”, white teeth, and a terrible policy history.

      MFA would get funded through our paychecks. You can call that a tax if you want, but we would have NO OTHER extra costs, such as co-pays, so we would come out way ahead, at the end of each year. You really need to educate yourself about MFA.

  4. Absolutely unbelievable that they can be so blatantly un American and still have a chance to be President. God have mercy on us. Maga2020.

  5. Yeah Castro is for Federally funded abortions for transsexuals. Priceless. And he was one of Obama’s picks. LOL.

    1. It’s good to weed them out now, I’m not really interested till they get down to way fewer people on both sides, This stuff with so many running really messes things up, hope some just back off on their own.

      1. Cosmo is confused.

        This is an elimination race. At this point, the more candidates with different policies the better for us, the voters.

  6. Looks like “slumping” is becoming a common factor among running democrates! By the time Trump goes after them…they might feel they’re in a sinking hole!

  7. Too old too white and too stupid for these young communists.

    1. As in not too Black, too Black, too Hispanic and ALL of the above (and those yet to come).

  8. Gropin’ Joe’s “performance” was lacking. More importantly, by pandering to the hard-Left he probably gained less support than he lost from the moderate Dim voters.

    Joe’s team failed. They not only failed to tell him to be “himself” (q.v. Trump’s advice), but he showed himself to be a sellout by trying to out-Commie the other comrades. Neither of these sells him.

    1. He couldn’t be himself. If he did that he’d have been hugging Harris and Warren. Not a good way to attack your opponents. Biden is history and so are the “leading” dem. They are so far left they won’t get the votes of the millions of Americans who still believe in democracy. Imagine what will happen if Trump asks them if their belief in equal status for all means bringing back the draft so rich kids have to serve in the military just like poor kids do. Think of all the mothers and fathers out there looking at their son’s and daughters and thinking that the likes of Sanders will send them to war.

    2. Reports are that his team says he simply refused to listen and take their advice. We saw the results of his go-it-alone agenda. Failure.

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