‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creator Swipes at Sarah Sanders’ Faith with Anti-Trump Message as Credits Roll

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The creator of “The Big Bang Theory” tried to slide by with his anti-Trump message in the show’s credits but the swipe didn’t go unnoticed.

As Media Research Center contributor Rebecca Downs pointed out, the message rolled at the end of Thursday night’s episode, slamming White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Christian faith and her appearance.

“God told me he hasn’t spoken to Sarah Sanders since she was fourteen years old and praying for her skin to clear up. I have no reason to doubt Him,” the credit message read.

Check out the message below:

The show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, is known for making statements in the “vanity cards” following each of his episodes, as well as for each of his several shows, including “Two and a Half Men,” “Mike & Molly,” and others.

In an October 25, 2018, vanity card, the creator called upon “God” to bring out voters in the midterm elections to fight off President Trump, who he referred to as a “fascist, hate-filled, fear-mongering, demagogic, truth-shattering, autocratic golf cheater.”

Aside from Lorre’s distaste toward the president and taking a swipe at Sanders’ faith, Sanders was vocal about her faith when she previously told the Christian Broadcast Network that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president,” as IJR Blue noted.

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Kevin Korte



After, what, 9 seasons? I tried many times to watch this show, and it repulsed me. Seeing supposedly smart characters acting like idiots just never breached the “willing suspension of disbelief” threshold. Being gifted, and associating with gifted colleagues, I never saw the humor in portraying the exceptionally intelligent as dumbasses. Should we all portray black folks as Buckwheat? Apparently the Democrats (and Chuck Lorre) are OK with that! When they’re not justifying infanticide.


chuck lorre just showed the WORLD what a puny, little man he is.

Carol Moran

I think this is a low down way to hurt the current administration. As for me and my house we will make sure we will no longer watch your shows (which are mediocre anyway) and avoid buying mdse from the advertisers. Oh and by the way I am a Democrat. I am ashamed of the people we have elected who no longer put the American people whose tax money our so called leaders have squandered. And you SO CALLED entertainment people are as bad as the media. YOUR ONLY AGENDA IS TO DIVIDE THE PEOPLE.

Nancy Tamburini Neal

Clearly, it’s time to start boycotting his shows. Sad, because some of them are pretty good.

Jody Provost

Such a sad fate this show had with the apparent hate toward this administration. When this show will eventually be forgotten and its creator long gone, President Trump will forever be remembered as the President that brought America back from the Obama years. Those 8years he was president are the ones with the most hate mongering I’ve seen but the Democrats certainly have drummed up enough hate in their white suits to last a lifetime.

Eddie Jones

Hillary always “talked” about Democrats taking the high road. I stand with Sarah over Chuck any day.

Hannah Taylor

Another show to avoid. My, but the list is getting long…..





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