Big Brother Asks Kid Sister What’s on Her Face — ‘Beauty, OF COURSE’

18-year-old Kyle Dinsmore describes his six-year-old sister, Khloe, as having “a very big character” with a side of “sassy.”

And despite the age difference, he tells Independent Journal Review that the two of them are “extremely close”:

“That’s my little angel. We do so much together.”

Last week, Dinsmore noticed Khloe was wearing makeup, which she put on herself. So, in true big brother fashion, the teen took out his cell phone and asked his sister what was on her face:

Khloe only needed one word to put Dinsmore in his place:


Her quick and unabashed response had both Dinsmore and their mother laughing.

Dinsmore wrote on Twitter that he “hopes everyone can have the same confidence in themselves as [his] six-year-old sister.”

And while Khloe’s response may have given Dinsmore and his mom a chuckle, he told BuzzFeed that he’s not that surprised by her response:

“This is honestly like an everyday thing. I just happened to get it on video that day…so I wasn’t surprised when she said it.”

The video has been viewed over seven million times. Dinsmore told IJR that Khloe is simply loving the attention:

“Khloe is very excited and happy about the attention and positive feedback! Khloe is a very outgoing six-year-old [with] a very strong personality. She loves to sing and act.”

Many on Twitter are calling Khloe their “idol” and “queen”:

Rock on, Khloe.