Louisiana Senate Runoff Candidates Fight Turf War for Keystone XL Bragging Rights

Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy was a guest on Fox News’s On The Record with Greta van Sustern to discuss his runoff next month against Louisiana’s Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu. One of the recurring issues that has come up in the campaign is energy and the Keystone pipeline.

Yesterday, Senator Landrieu introduced a bill authorizing the Keystone Pipeline. Congressman Cassidy wrote an identical bill, after Landrieu introduced her bill about an hour-and-a-half later. Cassidy said he did that to help get it passed quickly and on President Obama’s desk.

Cassidy pointed out that the House has already passed eight bills authorizing Keystone XL, which Harry Reid and Senate Democrats have left to gather dust and have not acted on. Cassidy says he expects President Obama to veto the bill, because he’s fundamentally prejudiced against fossil fuel jobs and the economy.

Greta then asked Cassidy about his chances in the runoff election. Cassidy replied that going up against President Obama is always tough, but he points out that nearly 60% of Louisianians voted for change and against Landrieu.

Also, since Landrieu voted 97% of the time with President Obama, Cassidy believes he can make the election runoff a referendum on the President’s policies.

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