‘What Are You Doing?’: de Blasio Keeps Taking Heat as ‘The View’ Scratches Their Heads at His 2020 Bid

Courtesy Bill de Blasio 2020/Handout via Reuters

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg is finding humor in Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio’s entrance as the 24th candidate into the crowded pool of 2020 Democratic candidates.

De Blasio isn’t receiving a warm welcome as Whoopi said, “It’s not a good career move, man,” and asked, “What are you doing?”

The “Big Apple” mayor kicked off his 2020 campaign on Thursday via video with the campaign message, “Working People First.”

However, Goldberg continued to mock de Blasio’s run for president, laughingly laying out what he “didn’t mention” in his campaign announcement:

“Here’s the thing that you didn’t mention: Homelessness is near record highs. Congestive pricing will take the minimum wage money that we just gave to people, it’ll take it away from them because they have to pay the congestive pricing. Public housing is falling apart. You can’t seem to fire anybody, the subway’s are underserved. The buses are slow. What the hell are you going to do?”

Co-host Joy Behar contrasted saying, “he’s done some good things,” to which Goldberg then responded, “Spit them out!”

Behar noted de Blasio passed universal pre-k program, increased funding for affordable housing, froze rent increases, and bumped minimum wage to $15 per hour, as well as other things — co-host Sunny Hostin followed by laying out several additional points.

Co-host Meghan McCain backed Goldberg on her distaste for de Blasio’s 2020 run.

Watch the video below:

President Donald Trump also mocked the news of de Blasio’s 2020 bid, tweeting that Democrats are getting “another beauty” and called him the “worst mayor in the U.S.” and a “JOKE.”

De Blasio responded to Trump’s criticism, tweeting, “NYC has record low crime & record high jobs. We’re investing in working families with free Pre-K & guaranteed health care. #ConDon taking advantage of working families is no joke.”

The New York City mayor was met with pushback, as IJR Red reported, from New York Police Benevolent Association president Pat Lynch, who said, “It is laughable that a mayor who has shown no interest in running New York City now says he wants to mismanage the entire country.”

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Sorry, NYC, but I doubt the U.S. would want your Warren Wilhelm, Jr (aka: Warren de Blasio Wilhelm and/or Bill de Blasio) ruining the U.S. like he has NYC. Maybe you could find him a $15.00 an hour job cleaning the subways or fixing the potholes throughout what was a pretty nice place until he came on scene.

Mike Wukitsch

It seems as if he is seeking attention or trying to inflate his value to the Democrats through this announcement. I would suggest that he isn’t a serious candidate. One of my favorite comments about many/most politicians is the they “suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect”.

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