Bill Maher Gives ‘Weak’ Dems Advice on Trump ‘Constitutional Crisis’: ‘Do Something or Stop Talking About It’

Bill Maher

Comedian Bill Maher took aim at Democrats on Friday night, blasting them as “look[ing] weak” for their bluster about the country being in “a constitutional crisis” under President Donald Trump while not “do[ing] anything” about it.

During Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he quipped that he felt like the country was “in a permanent state of constitutional crisis” as “[Democrats] say it every week now” before naming off a few of the other issues that the Democratic Party has been prattling on about:

“Taxes: No, you can’t see his taxes. [Treasury Secretary] Steve Mnuchin says there is no legitimate legislative purpose. Not for him to say. Not a thing. Security clearances: Us to know, you to not find out. The redacted Mueller report: Executive privilege. Again, not a thing.”

Watch the video here:

“Deutsche Bank: They want those documents,” Maher continued on, chuckling. “They’re suing for that. That’ll never happen.”

President George Washington first set the precedent for what would become executive privilege in 1796 when he refused to comply with a House request for documents having to do with the Jay Treaty with Great Britain.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the actual term “executive privilege in 1954.

Maher went on to blast the Democrats as “making [themselves] look weak” by only talking about the “constitutional crisis” and not do anything about it.

“So it’s a constitutional crisis. Democrats, either do something or stop talking about it because I think you’re just making yourselves look weak,” Maher said. “You’re just making yourselves look like people who talk and talk and don’t do anything.”

As IJR Blue previously reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she agreed with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) that the U.S. was facing a “constitutional crisis” under Trump.

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They don’t want to do anything about it because first there is NO CRISIS…..and second of course it’s better to continue the rhetoric than actually be proven wrong. Besides they’re whole intention is to create confusion and problems which they will try to convince constituents that they only can fix!!!


Actually the demoncraps are correct we are in a constitutional crisis. The crisis is that the socialists, aka demoncraps, are trying to destroy the Constitution.


It won’t matter either way, they could try to do “something” about it but nothing would happen. So talking about it is really all they have. Besides, the more they talk, about anything, the more stupid they look. It’s kind of entertaining.

Tom Bodine

Please impeach Trump so he for sure gets re-elected.


I am pretty sure that the first few words of the article tells the whole story of the democrat party… “Comedian Bill Maher”… He is giving advice to our elected officals and it makes sences then anything they have to say. It could all be summed up in one little saying ‘Sh!t or get off the pot’.


Red pill Bill? 😉

Jim Glass

Not even funny – – STUPIDITY in Congress is not funny.

George Peters

you know it’s pretty bad, whwn a fag like maher starts to give them advice.





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