Bill Maher Blasts ‘Terrible Candidate’ Clinton for Committing ‘Obstruction of Justice’ in Email Scandal


Comedian Bill Maher blasted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) as being a “terrible candidate” for the Democrats in the 2016 presidential election and proclaimed the former secretary committed “obstruction of justice.”

While giving an interview on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” Maher — an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump — said that he did not have “a lot of faith” in the current media landscape, citing “how much they overcovered” Clinton’s email scandal during the election.

He continued on to say that there were “a lot of reasons” for the Democrat’s loss the 2016 election and that “many of them” were because the former secretary was “a terrible candidate.”

Host Chris Cuomo pointed out that Clinton “didn’t help the situation” with her “actions” during the email scandal, to which Maher agreed, proclaiming that Clinton “committed obstruction of justice” during the ordeal by destroying her “phones” and “hard drives.”

“She committed obstruction of justice,” said Maher. “Now Trump did — I think — in much worse fashion, but, I mean, smashing up your phones and hard drives.”

Watch the video here:

The comedian then slammed the media for “overcover[ing]” the scandal and “beat[ing] it to death” and pointing out that “even [Senator] Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)” called them out during the election saying “enough about Hillary’s emails.”

Maher — who has hosted HBO’s “Real Talk with Bill Maher” since 2003 — has not been afraid to call out people on both sides of the aisle.

As IJR Red previously reported, the comedian pushed back on liberal author Franz Lebowitz after she said that the president “deserves” to face the same fate as Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi, who was thought to be tortured and murdered under the direction of the Saudi government in their Istanbul constable.

Additionally, Maher torched the Democrats as “look[ing] weak” by crying out there is a “constitutional crisis” under Trump and not “do[ing] anything” to address it, as IJR Red also noted.

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I guess if Maher on very rare occasions calls out a lefty on the stupidest of comments or actions he can look himself in the mirror and say “Damn good job Bill, you are fair and balanced” hahaha!


The Swillary bunch obviously knew they had a problem, then again, nothing of consequence was done. Perhaps some people ARE above the law.

William Conley

We all knew hiliary committed a crime why the hell would she bleach bit hard drives and smash them with hammers and phones that she was using for government interaction an unsecured civilian phone a series of them no less. What 2016 showed most of us was that the rich and powerful blatantly break the law while demanding we follow and obey they think they are above us rabble and they don’t even care to hide it at this point. Then we got the ignorant masses who line up behind them ready to parrot whatever their master’s spew or they… Read more »

C maher
C maher

Bill maher – shut up!!!
Connie Maher


Funny how he can’t help but say Trump did worse. I guess turning over 1.5 mil documents, allowing full access to Congress, even of the WH atty is worse then destroying devices. What a crock of garbage. Trump did NOTHING wrong. Dems are tearing our government apart.


Wow!! Crash…kaboom! Hold-on here! Got to get back on my chair! Thought somebody spiked my wine…but then…just realized I’m at home!! If Maher is for real here, then he must be doing this outside NY cause reality does not exist in NY!!

Dave Scott

Huh? Maher is like the false newscasters…..92% negative against our President and conservatives. To say he hits both sides is “ false news” so the author of these piece should be taken out to the woodshed

Glenn Botts

Maher: Trump committed a worse form of obstruction because he didn’t actually commit any obstruction, so demoCROOKs couldn’t try to impeach him for it. It’s horrible when the good guys do the right thing and the leftists can’t prosecute them. Of course, since leftists are evil, they’re still going to lie and persecute Trump for anything that they can lie about.

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