Bill Maher Suggests the Clintons ‘Go Away’ as Hillary Clinton Keeps Door Open to a 2020 Bid

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

HBO “Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher is sending a message to the Clintons: Don’t show up to the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

During his Friday night show, Maher said, “It seems like every few months, Hillary Clinton bubbles up again and people are like ‘Oh, she’s thinking about running,’ or she says something crazy.”

He added, “The Clintons — They’ve got to go away.”

“I’m saying this a year out. They can’t be at the convention,” Maher said, adding, “Maybe on the video, waving or something, but I’m serious.”

In response to Rep. Justin Amash’s (I-Mich.) — a former Republican — tweet that suggests “Hillary Clinton is a Donald Trump asset,” Maher backed the remark.

“She is,” Maher said, adding, “And Bill is damaged goods. And I just think they’ve got to go away. We can’t be associating them with the Democratic Party.”

Amash’s tweet came in response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s claim that 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard is a “Russian asset.

Clinton has been making appearances recently for her book tour.

As IJR previously reported, when asked by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson if Clinton “hasn’t foreclosed the possibility” of a 2020 run, her longtime adviser suggested Wednesday evening, “No, she has not.”

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Linda K

Hillary running in 2020. Who is encouraging this babe? Her daughter, her husband? A suggestion as a theme song for Hillary, ”Go Away LIttle Girl.” I can’t think of anything more abhorrent than Hillary running again. Remember stories of her having a body guard to prevent her from falling. You can see she doesn’t have the energy to run. Is she sent from Hell to torture us all?

General Confusion

Nothing gets IJR members riled up more than a story about a Clinton, or BOTH Clintons, well maybe one of the “Squad”.

Come on, ONLY 33 comments? You can do better than THAT!


Bill Maher will need to wear body armor and have 24 hour armed security after insulting the corrupt Clintons.
We don’t want him coming down with the Arkansas flu epidemic for speaking the truth.


They might not be alive by then if fate turns the tables on them for all the people who always seem to die at just then right time to save them.


Both the Clinton’s are life losers, from corruption, to lying they cover it all.


The cliché is that the Democrats blame others for doing EXACTLY what they do.

Like Hillary and the entire party refusing to accept the 2016 results after THREE YEARS.

Go ahead and run Hillary. Three times is the charm, right? You’ll have lost thrice either in the nominations or the general election. You and Bill are done.

Steve Zinck

Democrats worried that Trump wouldn’t accept the election results, they were almost right. BTW I hope Maher has good security

Gerald D Cline Jr.

None of the Socialist/Communist clowns currently running for the Democratic nomination as a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Donald Trump. What the Clinton’s are counting on is a contested Democratic convention where no one wins a clear victory. Than the Democrats “draft” either Hillary or Michelle to run against Trump as a “moderate” alternative. Wanna bet…?!?!?





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