Billy Bush Might Not Be Hearing ‘You’re Fired’ Over ‘Trump Tapes’ But He Is Facing the Wrath of NBC

By Sunday evening, it had become abundantly clear that the “hot mic moment” made public on Friday was going to inflict some damage. Donald Trump spent two days trying to recover and still faced harsh criticism from both Hillary Clinton and Sunday night’s debate moderators.

But Trump wasn’t the only one facing backlash over the tape.

Billy Bush, who was hosting “Access Hollywood” at the time, appeared alongside Trump on the tape. He laughed at Trump’s jokes, and while he made no remarks like those of Trump’s, he did appear to encourage Trump to continue down the lewd path of conversation.

Amid speculation that Bush might face disciplinary action, NBC originally announced on Saturday that they had no plans to remove Bush from the airwaves:

But by Monday morning, they had changed their tune:

And they announced that Bush was being suspended indefinitely:

“Today Show” producer Noah Oppenheim released an official statement, which read:

“Let me be clear: There is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape. NBC has decided to suspend Billy pending further review of this matter.”

Some wondered — as Ted Cruz did about the tape being used against Trump — why NBC had sat on the tape for 11 years instead of suspending Bush or cutting ties with Trump at the time:

Instead, NBC has allowed Trump to star in the network’s hit reality TV shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” for the past six years.

A number felt that Bush’s behavior wasn’t even a problem:

NBC has not given any indication as to how long Bush’s suspension might last, nor have they explained why they failed to act on either Bush or Trump while having the tape in their possession for over a decade.

What do you think?

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