Not Only Is Black Unemployment Down, But the Number of Black Business Owners Is Skyrocketing

Not only are black Americans employed at record rates, but the number of black business owners is skyrocketing under President Donald Trump’s economy.

Trump has been boasting about the decline in black unemployment since he took office. In fact, many minority worker groups have been thriving.

Minority communities aren’t just finding jobs, they are creating jobs too. 

According to the Minority 2018 Small Businesses Report, the number of businesses owned by black business owners increased by 400 percent from 2017 to 2018. 

The report, gathered by Guidant Financial, shows that 44 percent of those black-owned businesses have two or more employees, creating jobs for thousands of people. 

It isn’t just African Americans who are opening new businesses. In 2015, just 15 percent of businesses were minority-owned. Now, in 2018, 45 percent of businesses are minority-owned. 

The state with the largest number of black entrepreneurs was Texas, which makes sense. Texas is the second lowest corporate tax rate in the nation. 

Many took to Twitter to comment on the excellent news about the increased diversity in American business owners. 

This report comes just days after Rasmussen announced that Trump’s approval rating by African Americans hit 36 percent. One year ago, it was at just 19 percent. 

Beyond unleashing the economy, Trump has made improving his image in the black community a priority, including connecting with prominent figures like Kanye West and pushing for criminal justice reform

But approval ratings for one man don’t really matter. The economy is growing, more Americans are working, and business ownership is becoming more inclusive and diverse.

That’s a lot of winning. 

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