Blackburn Pokes Fun at Dems for Getting ‘Mighty Antsy’ About Barr’s Russia Probe Origin Investigation

Fox News/YouTube

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) poked fun at Democratic lawmakers who were getting worried over Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe during an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

As IJR News previously reported, Barr appointed an attorney to investigate the origins of the probe and whether there was any corruption. Blackburn claimed that the Democrats are the ones getting nervous about the contents.

“I’m not certain what the ETA on the IG’s report is going to be, but here is what we do know … the Democrats are getting mighty antsy about what might be found in that report and about what Attorney General Barr could possibly be looking at because they are the ones who did some outsourcing and working with the Russians and foreign nationals and trying to get information.”

She used the example of the dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign, saying that was something to consider in the investigation.

“The dossier paying for that through the Clinton campaign, some of the other connections, of course, we know that Adam Schiff was looking forward to talking to some Russian agents and getting information so all of that does come into play,” said Blackburn.



“We look forward to getting the report and I can assure you that chairman Lindsey Graham there at the Senate Judiciary will do a tremendous job of conducting appropriate oversight,” she added.

She also expressed her relief that Democrats are recognizing the issues with foreign interference.

“The Russians have been trying to interfere in U.S. policy for decades,” said Blackburn. “So out of all this, I do congratulate my Democrat colleagues for finally admitting that Russia is not our friend, they’re a foe.”

The investigation is being conducted by John Durham, but there is no set date for when the investigation will be over.

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Kate McCloud

This is how liars lodge false allegations.
“I’ll leave room to say ‘just kidding’!”





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