Blackburn Slams Fmr Planned Parenthood Prez for ‘Complaining’ About Being Silenced: ‘So Ironic’

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) laid into former Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen for suggesting Planned Parenthood is “trying to silence her voice” when the organization “has silenced the voices of millions of babies.”

Wen is finding herself butting heads with Planned Parenthood as she was fired in July from the organization as its president due to disagreements. Wen said it was because of she wanted to shift the organization’s focus away from its “abortion-first philosophy” to instead focus on health care.

As IJR reported, Wen is claiming that Planned Parenthood is withholding her severance package until she signs a confidentiality agreement.

During an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Blackburn blasted Planned Parenthood as being “abortion first” and said Wen’s comments “gets to the heart of the argument about Title X funding.”

As IJR previously reported, Planned Parenthood decided to opt-out of millions in Title X funding after a judge ruled the funding could not go to organizations that promote abortion.

“But I got to tell you, listening to this statement from Doctor Wen and following this story, don’t you find it so ironic that they are trying to silence her voice and she’s complaining about her voice being silenced when Planned Parenthood has silenced the voices of millions of babies,” Blackburn added. “And I just find this so ironic.”

Watch Blackburn’s interview below:

Fox News host Shannon Bream made a note of a statement by Planned Parenthood about politicians who’ve “attacked Planned Parenthood’s patients’ access to care.”

“We’ve got news for them: Planned Parenthood’s health centers provide high-quality, affordable reproductive health care, including abortion, to 2.4 million people across the country — and Planned Parenthood is not backing down,” the organization wrote.

The organization added, “When politicians talk about ‘defunding’ Planned Parenthood, they really mean blocking patients who depend on public health care funds from getting their care at Planned Parenthood health centers.”

In response to the statement, the Republican lawmaker said, “When Planned Parenthood doesn’t get money, and that money is fungible, then those dollars are going to end up going to those community help centers.”

“That is where the greatest need is,” Blackburn added. “Our goal is to make certain that women who are underserved have the ability to receive access to healthcare.”


  1. This is the demonrat/communist party. Communism has slaughtered hundreds of millions just as planned parenthood has slaughtered tens of millions in this day. Neither organization should be allowed to exist. Life is cheap to these people.

  2. Finally a politician with a BackBone to stand up to PPH. No American Taxpayer funds should be allocated to this murdering corporation. Their primary focus is to enrich themselves off Taxpayer funds, do abortions then sell the body parts to make even more money !!!!! This is what the DemonRats have spent our tax dollars on !!! Remember this when you vote and remove all democrats from public office !!!

  3. I am going to make a guess that Sen. Blackburn has visited Planned Parenthood as often as William, Mark, John, ron, Dave, and James. YET they all know all about PP.

    1. We can READ that which is published as factual information. An individual does not have to go into the middle of a nuclear explosion to see if it’s hot; we’ll take the words of those who know.

  4. I still say they should have to rename it to a literal suitable name unplanned Parenthood solutions. They provide a handful of other services so they can use it as a veil for being an abortion factory. They claim they are all about women’s health then they shouldn’t have an issue with no longer providing abortions right? I mean if they absolutely think they need to be capable of providing an abortion it should only be for medical reasons proven by a doctor not affiliated with planned Parenthood. I feel like emergency situations like these are already performed at hospitals at no cost to the patient if their income is low enough right? I’m pretty sure they adjust your payment based on your income for all treatment at the hospital so again why exactly does planned Parenthood staunchly feel they require the ability or right to perform abortions for non life threatening issues?

  5. Further irony lies in Planned Parenthood’s referring to themselves as ‘health’ centers when their primary service is abortion where the ‘service is considered successful when 50% of the participants end up dead. HEALTH care??…Really?

    1. Can i get a source on abortion being the primary service provided by PP? Because that’s definitely false based on every source I’ve seen…

      1. Do a quick Google search on the statistics of what treatments or care they provided to their patients. Abortions are way higher than it should be for an organization for women’s “healthcare”. What about the baby’s health what if it was a female doesn’t that go directly against their supposed beliefs or goals.

  6. Why do they call it Planned parenthood? It should be called if you don’t want it we will get rid of it.

  7. I maintained their computers in SF back in the 80’s. It was then and there I leaned that PPH was an abortion mill. Oh they do provide other medical services but over 80% back then were abortions on demand, all paid for with tax dollars. Glad I don’t have to be around them any more. Sorry for the thousands of babies that were murdered. It shouldn’t have happened. I tried to tell people what was going on back then but no one would believe me. It was all sold under the guise of ‘Family Planning’ but very few actual families benefited from it. Just government funded birth control for the women that got knocked up and didn’t want o raise their children. Hardly ever saw a male client there.

    1. Hope Phyllis Softa reads your on-site, visual of what was happening then and most likely – now.

  8. WHEN did abortions become a “woman’s healthcare issue”? Was it when the woman decided the kid would infringe upon her “Happy Hour” time? Or, the baby has a medical or mental issue not worth her time in dealing with? Or, is the baby the wrong color; and WHO’s fault is that? Or, the wrong sex? Cut off ALL taxpayer money and close the butcher shops and parts stores.

    1. It’s not a “healthcare” issue but the left has sure managed to sell that to the brainwashed masses. It’s murder as birth control.

      1. They used the same ‘medical’ issues to legalize recreational marijuana so the states would have a cash cow to milk. CBD is the medical use of MJ and that doesn’t get you high. THC is what rakes in the bucks and has very little medicinal value and if you needed it for medical reasons not that hard to obtain.

    2. I agree that the women who seek abortions for these reasons are inhumane, but consider how much family pressure is sometimes on these people to abort their unborn children. Sometimes it comes from parents, and sometimes from significant others. Who’s left with the crippling guilt? People who should have been parents, and had it stolen from them with scare tactics and emotional (sometimes financial) manipulation. I don’t pretend that they aren’t partially responsible, but the guilt must not be solidly dumped on the heads of the women.

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