Blonde Bombshell Country Singer Jade Mya Wants to Make Her Gender Identity Very Clear

Having just released her debut album, Jade Mya is a Canadian singer trying to break into the country music scene.

What you may not be able to tell about the singer on first glance, or at all, is that Mya was born a male.

With a supportive family, Mya started transitioning to female at just 15 years old. The Star reports this has made her the youngest person in Canada ever to do so.

For the past few years, the singer has been building a fan base and brand on Instagram as both a singer and fitness model.

Mya, however, has never spoken publicly about her gender until now.

She tells The Star:

“I want to take control of the story,” she explains. “Some people thought I might have been lying because I didn’t bring it up in the first few words any time they met me; because I didn’t label myself as a certain way. And I don’t think people should label themselves. We’re all humans.”

At 25, Mya is proud of who she is saying, “I want to come out and if people can see me as a pillar of hope or a pillar of anything, I’ll be grateful.”

Mya knows that the reality of coming out publicly about her gender is risky in the country music industry. While there are a few singers who have come out as being part of the LGBTQ community, none has yet to reach and maintain super-stardom on the Nashville music scene.

For the singer, the fear of losing her fan base is real. But she is at peace with the risk. Mya tells The Star, “I love being the person I am. I’m proud to be this person. I want people to see it’s OK to be the person you are.”

Here’s a video of Mya recently performing her single, “Lies of the Lonely,” a cover of a song sung by Connie Britton on TV show “Nashville”:

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