Bloomberg Walks the Walk: Says He’ll Spend $100 Million on Anti-Trump Media Blitz

Brian Snyder/Reuters

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $100 million on an anti-Trump media blitz online.

Bloomberg, who is yet to declare whether he’ll jump into the race himself, becomes the single biggest spender in the presidential race with this commitment. He had told the media previously he would “spend whatever it takes” to keep Trump out of office, and now it appears he’s following through. President Donald Trump has spent more than $27 million on Google and Facebook ads already, and his campaign said in October that it had $158 million of cash on hand.

The anti-Trump ads will run in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. None of the ads will feature Bloomberg and his team has not yet disclosed the content of them, though said it will be anti-Trump messaging.

“We will have other ads that feature Mike Bloomberg,” Howard Wolfson, a top political adviser to Mr. Bloomberg, told The New York Times. “You will be seeing a lot of Mike Bloomberg.”

Previously, Bloomberg had faced scrutiny from other Democrats and liberal pundits for “wasting” money on his own presidential prospects that could have been used to donate to candidates already in the race or up for re-election in Congress.

Bloomberg is currently polling at 3% nationally, according to a new Reuters/IPSOS poll. That would put him in a virtual tie with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) if he entered the race and he’d have an uphill battle for support in the crowded Democratic field. Despite that, his team is still insisting that there is more money to be spent on Bloomberg’s race, and he still feels good about his prospects.

“We’re very clear: A case that we make for Mike is that he is the best candidate to take on Trump, and one of the reasons he is the best candidate is he can take the fight to him immediately and robustly,” Wolfson told The New York Times.

With the money, Democrats could take on renewed enthusiasm about their prospects in the 2020 presidential race and defending their majority in the House. In 2018, Bloomberg spent $100 million on the midterm elections and won 21 of the 24 House races he invested in.

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William Conley

Here is an idea spend 100 million on fixing the plethora of issues your damn city has. You could also do something besides just be like here’s a 100 million run a I hate Trump rally with no real objective, but the fact I dislike the guy now that he’s president.

Tom Bodine

That’s chump change for shorty he spent three times that much on getting 32 oz soft drinks and guns banned.

Bob Weir
Bob Weir

This guy thinks he can buy his way into every election. In NYC, he bought the city counsel which enabled him to run for and win an unprecedented third term as mayor.


Go for it Mike! Let’s see you try to take peoples’ Big Gulps and Slurpees on a national level.

Phyllis Softa

AOC’s opinion is not “radical” but telling others how to spend THEIR money invites them to tell you how to spend YOURS.

General Confusion

Thanks, Mike. Every little bit helps.

Willie Horton

Nobody is worried about that short little pos.





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