Bloomberg Defends Spending Millions on Campaign: ‘I’m Doing Exactly the Same Thing That They’re Doing’

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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended spending millions of his fortune on his campaign during an interview on CBS News’s “CBS This Morning.”

Bloomberg blasted fellow Democratic candidates Sens. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) for criticizing him for using his fortune to fund his own campaign.

“The point they’re making is, it’s okay if they ask other people for all their money and it will help their careers,” Bloomberg said.

“Virtually all my income goes to public health issues, and education, and the arts, and the environment — things that I care about. And I think I could do a lot of good for the country if I could become president. And so using some of those monies to fund the campaign is fine.”

Watch his comments below:

He continued, asking “What’s wrong” with building a successful company, earning billions of dollars, and using some of that money that to fund a campaign, and asked why Warren and Sanders have not done the same.

“What’s wrong with all of that? And then I turn, and they’re criticizing me for it. I don’t know, ask them what they’re doing. Why didn’t they do that? They had a chance to go out and make a lot of money. And how much of their own money to they put into their campaigns?”

When pressed on the charge that he’s buying the election, Bloomberg criticized the duo for taking donations, saying “those other people expect something from them.”

“I’m not buying any more… I’m doing exactly the same thing that they’re doing. Except that I am using my own money, they’re using somebody else’s money, and those other people expect something from them. Nobody gives you money if they don’t expect something, and I don’t want to be bought.”

Bloomberg and fellow billionaire candidate Tom Steyer have been blasted by other Democratic candidates for trying to “buy the election.”

CNBC reports that Steyer has spent $60 million on his campaign since July, and Bloomberg has spent $57 million in less than two weeks.

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Mikey, height-challenged plutocrat and wannabe lifestyle dictator, is completely out of touch. He sees old, corrupt, lifers like Gropin’ Joe and thinks he might have a chance. Same for Steyer, who made billions on fossil-fuel before he was against it.

You guys are white. You’re old. You’re wealthy. You both have beaucoup baggage and hypocrisy. You are also both jumping on the Dim short-bus as it heads over the cliff. Good.

What one thing about the Dim agenda says you are positioned to succeed? Please, spend all the money you can.


He is not serious about running for the democrat candidate for President. He is running only ads that trash President Trump. He can’t give the other candidates this much money to run their ads so he pretends to be running for President to do it.


Another lying liberal turd.





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