GOP Senator Says Trump’s Sharpie Moment Is Being ‘Overplayed,’ Says It Won’t Matter on Election Day

Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) claimed some in the media are overplaying President Donald Trump‘s confusing Sharpie moment from earlier this week.

As IJR previously reported, President Trump used what appeared to be a doctored map of the pathway of Hurricane Dorian that would include parts of Alabama. Earlier in the week, the president claimed that Alabama was in the path of the storm, but newer projections showed that wasn’t the case.

Throughout the week, Trump doubled down on that he was not wrong about the situation because he was referencing reports from early in the week that showed Alabama in the path of the storm. He even took to Twitter to post a video of CNN’s coverage that included Alabama in the path of the storm.

During an interview on “Meet the Press,” Blunt told host Chuch Todd that he thinks the situation is being overplayed and that it will not matter in the 2020 election.

Watch Blunt’s comments:

“I’ve spent most of this month at home in Missouri and I think this whole Sharpie thing is way being overplayed. I don’t think it will matter election day; I don’t think it matters to most people.”

Todd pushed back, asking, “Are you worried that the credibility of the words of the president of the United States has been eroded?”

Blunt kept it brief, offering a simple “no” in response.

President Trump seems to agree with Blunt about the situation. He posted a video depicting CNN as a cat chasing a laser pointer, seeming to suggest that he was playing some members of the media.

While Trump clearly sees the issue as comical at this point, it remains to be seen how the American people will take these types of situations into consideration when they head to vote in 2020, as Blunt suggested.


  1. “why would you believe they consider ANYTHING Trump does is illegal?” Phyllis

    Don’t worry, I don’t believe the believers in their King will ever consider anything that he does illegal. We just have to read a few comments here at IJR to realize that. Nothing wrong with helping them face his illegality ANYWAY.

  2. What’s amazing is all the lefties that pretend he didn’t say “original” “originally” as for the path and asked for the map, then said how “we got lucky”. This just shows the level the DNCMedia will stoop to selling a story.

  3. I would like anyone to explain their belief that it is DERANGED to NOT WANT a POTUS, the Trump administration, and Republican leadership to lie to the American people on a daily basis. How can you perceive wanting honesty it is NOT within the range of sanity? Obama derangement consisted of believing a Hawaiian birth certificate was not proof of birth in Hawaii. A belief that teleprompters, Ivy league educations, summer & Christmas family vacations, golf and a tan suit were evil. Deranged is believing Republicans actually believed they suddenly did not believe in stimulus for the WORST recession since the Depression, but had voted for stimulus for all previous much less severe recessions. My apologies to James, but it is NOT representative of sane thought to believe the Clintons repeatedly kill individuals that cross them—and yet Linda Tripp, Rudy Giuliani, Monica Lewinsky, James Comey, and a hosts of others, still walk the earth unharmed. WHAT exactly does “deranged” mean in Trumpism?

    1. Check out the next issue of American Prospect, out in about 2 weeks.

      https :// prospect dot org/

  4. “The MSM is desperate for topics or anything which serves TDS.” I Ching

    I Ching is obviously wrong and is trying to prolong the confusion which King Donald The Loser created.

    The King could have ended this mess easily if he could, for once, admitchhst he was wrong, but that is impossible for this narcissist. What he did has implications for real people and business. That’s why there is a law to stop making false official weathet reports. He even convinced some lackey at the NOAA to release an UNSIGNED statement agreeing with the president! This is not (normally) normal, but it IS for this king! This is what dictators and fascists normally do.

    The more people condone what this criminal president has done, the harder it will be for us to get back to anything resembling “normal”. Shame on you!

  5. Trump could walk on water and the media would say he can’t swim. He could cure tooth decay and MSM would say he was attacking the dental industry.

    This is absolute BS. The MSM is desperate for topics or anything which serves TDS.

    It would be instructive if someone compared the coverage received by this non-event vs. coverage of the suffering of actual hurricane victims.

  6. At the time that King Donald The Loser was making this lie public, the official weather maps already had the hurricane traveling up the Florida coast with NO CHANCE of going anywhere near Alabama.

    He presented an out-of-date map, caused unnecessary confusion, and broke the law.

  7. Oh! The horror! Liberals continue to harp on the dam*est things. Didn’t know that President Trump is perceived as a meteorologist. Figured he repeated what a real meteorologist provided. They should be more concerned about their “Basket of Unelectables”.

  8. Anyone can see that the storm is headed for Alabama if it had not shifted to the east. One more example of taking a word or a phrase of something Trump said to try to discredit him. Most adults are sick to death of the media hatred and distortion. It is juvenile. Trumps comical comeback is hilarious.

    1. Oh, Kay, your take on the matter is adorable. Were you going for “uninformed” or flat out nuts?

  9. The fact that this congressman (who is he??) thinks that Trump’s lies will have no effect on the 2020 results says a lot about his belief about the Trump supporters. Unfortunately, he may be right.

    1. Trump gets information before you do or CNN and you do not know if he was told it might go as far as Alabama, do you? A lot of silly noise about nothing.Plenty of the reporting did not happen.

  10. I watched the Weather Channel the whole and they said over and over that the Hurricane could go to the West and get Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana or it could go North and follow the coast line. MSM looks for anything even lies to try to pull down this president.

  11. Newell Rubbermaid ( makers of Sharpie ) and it’s shareholders are giving thanks and hope the media continues this idiocy.

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