‘No Way Economically This Works’: Bongino Shreds Sanders’ Plan to Give Illegal Immigrants Health Care

Fox News commentator Dan Bongino spoke out against Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ (I-Vt.) plan to give illegal immigrants free health care during an interview with Fox News on Saturday.

Sanders spoke about his plan to have government-funded health care, saying that it was a “right.” However, Bongino ripped his plan, claiming that it seemed like the 2020 presidential candidate didn’t understand what a right entailed.

“These sentiments Bernie expresses, they’re nice, they sound all flowery and cute,” Bongino said. “‘Everybody deserves health care, it’s a right.’ Does he understand that when you declare something a right, you confer an obligation on someone else? That’s the very essence of a right.”

He pointed out that it could easily turn into a bad situation:

“If health care — for the entire world, by the way, because he’s now saying illegal immigrants can come here and get health care. So anybody can enter the country, legally or illegally, and demand their right […] it confers an obligation on who? American taxpayers to pay for health care for the rest of the world.”

Bongino went on to say that he was not claiming that Sanders was unintelligent; he just couldn’t understand how he could justify something that could not work.

“I mean, Bernie’s not a dumb guy, OK? It’d be easier if he was. He’s not,” Bongino said. “He’s clearly thought this through, and he still can’t figure it out that there’s no way economically this works.”

Watch the video below:

Dan Bongino Slams Bernie's Free Healthcare Vow

Dan Bongino slams Bernie Sanders’ vow to give free health care to illegal immigrants: “It will not work, because it cannot work”

Posted by Fox & Friends on Saturday, June 22, 2019

As IJR Red reported, Vermont and California are two states that have attempted to give health care to illegal immigrants, but Vermont’s program was stopped due to the financial barriers. Bongino ended by saying while it may be a popular talking point, the reality is that it is impossible to implement.

“This is saying two plus two equals seven,” he said. “And people in the audience who love him are just clapping like they can’t figure out the basic economics of this. It will not work because it cannot work.”

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Judi Moore

Well hell Sanders, if you’re going to give illegals free health care then give me some free health care too!! I sure can’t afford it.


How the heck can this even be discussed? I work my tail off for my family and to pay higher taxes for someone who came here illegally to have health care? Is he serious? I have to pay for my son’s health care and he was born here. You Dems have lost your mind.


I think sanders is wrong about ,wanting to give free health care, to people that is not from this country
What about taking care of ,the people in this country
People our having a hard time,in this country,most can’t afford health care
They get better care and help ,than we all do ,we were born here
I worry about our country,it sure is not the same one , I grew up in
My dad would roll over in his grave ,if he could see ,what is going on in our country now


rhe commie with three houes says give the illegals free healthcare. and who gets the bill ,NOT HIM!!!!!

Phyllis Softa

Bongino is a better make-believe economist than he is a make-believe attorney. Common sense says the math does not add up. There are portions of the electorate on both sides that believe illogical concepts. 2016 was the most insane—Trump’s “Mexico will pay for the wall” was as absurd as Bernie’s “free college & $15 minimum wage would be achieved by telling R’s, “It’s a revolution.” The 2020 campaign is showing signs of a repeat. I want a candidate that will MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. That is not Bernie–OR Trump.


Bernie is bonkers. Illegals are not citizens so why should they be given anything, especially that which will help destroy our economy?


After all this years in Congress, this commie still doesn’t understand that government funded is really tax payers funded. I’ll be damn if my tax dollars goes to free loading illegal aliens. Typical Democraps and commies–Have absolutely no problem spending other people’s money. Sadly, there are too many brainwashed liberals out there who believe this “FREE” BS and vote for him.


Of course it will work.
We have it.
We give it.





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