Booker Says Dem Voters Are ‘Being Denied’ the Candidates ‘They Are Telling Us They Want’

Gretchen Ertl/Reuters

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker lamented the winnowing of the field of 2020 Democratic candidates after Sen. Kamala Harris ended her campaign this week.

Speaking at a campaign event, Booker said that voters are “being denied” their candidate of choice.

“It’s a problem that caucus-goers here in Iowa and in Nevada and voters in South Carolina and New Hampshire are being denied the choices that they are telling us they want in February.”

On Wednesday, Booker told BuzzFeed News’s “AM2DM” that he thinks it is a “damn shame” that Harris dropped out.

“It’s a damn shame frankly that Kamala Harris’s voice is no longer in this race.”

He continued to say that there is anger in the Democratic party over the fact that there are now more billionaire candidates than minority candidates running for president.

“I’ve seen the bile, the anger, from my family members, to people in the Congressional Black Caucus, to leaders of color across this country who just don’t understand how we’ve gotten to a point now where there’s more billionaires in the 2020 race than there are black people.”

He also criticized the Democratic National Committee’s qualifications for the debates. The DNC requires that candidates receive donations from 200,000 contributors and receive 4 percent support in four polls.

Several candidates have dropped out of the race after failing to qualify for the debate. Although Julian Castro (Texas) did not qualify for the November debate, he has not dropped out of the race.

Castro has also been critical of the primary process saying, “this process needs to be fixed,” and accused the DNC’s debate rules of hurting minority candidates’ chances.

Billionaire Tom Steyer voiced concern with the debate rules as well, calling for the DNC to “open the debate requirements for January so that more candidates can participate.”

Steyer added that Democratic voters should be able to “hear from a diverse group of candidates before they select our nominee.”

Booker has not qualified for the upcoming debate but he has met the fundraising requirement, and he has until December 12 to meet the polling requirements. Steyer and five other candidates have already qualified for the debate.

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Let the infighting continue through November 2020. Anyone polling under 25% – or 1/4th of the Democrats who would be stupid enough to vote for ANY of these Socialist/Communist wannabes – should drop out and save their time, donor money and being embarrassed. Besides, this so-called “impeachment” charade/hoax/joke will kill off any chance any of them have of beating Trump.

Phyllis Softa

“I don’t qualify so there must be something wrong with the qualifying requirements” is a sad defense. Candidates need $200.000 in individual donations AND 2 state polls at 6% OR 4 state polls at 4%. Someone needs to explain to Cory that a presidential campaign is to garner support—It is not the DNC’s fault he has not met the polling requirements.


*gasp!* Is Cory accusing the DNC of rigging the primaries just like in 2016?

Cory, Kamallama, Julio, and Gabby have once again demonstrated the Dimocrats are a party of white people, especially the wealthy ones. q.v. Lizzie, Bernie, Gnawin’ Joe, and now Mikey and Tom.

History repeats itself. Forget what they say. Watch what they do.





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