Cory Booker Struggles to Explain How Any of His Gun Policies Would Have Prevented Virginia Beach Shooting

Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) struggled to explain how his plan to expand gun control would have prevented the latest horrific mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

On Friday, 12 people were murdered by a gunman in a Virginia Beach municipal building. According to authorities, the killer used a .45-caliber pistol with a “sound suppressor” device and “extended” ammunition magazines. A federal agent reported that the gunman purchased his weapon legally.

As IJR previously reported, Booker has a plan to overhaul gun laws in the country by requiring a license to own a gun and a ban on “military-style” weapons and “high capacity magazines.”

Booker took to Twitter after the shooting to claim that he would work to pass these gun control laws to prevent similar shootings from happening in the future.

During an interview on “State of the Union” on Sunday, host Jake Tapper pushed back on Booker’s claim that any of his proposed laws could have prevented this shooting.

“How would your plan have stopped this tragedy, if at all?” Tapper asked.

Booker explained that his plan is “bold” and “evidence-based,” but failed to tie it to the shooting in Virginia Beach.

Watch Booker’s answer:

“This idea that we are helpless to stop this, the evidence points differently. We know that everything like licensing like Connecticut dropped gun violence in their state by 40%, suicides by 15%. We know there are communities like Oakland that did things, by treating gun violence like a public health problem and investing in communities and empowering them, they were able to lower gun violence. I have a comprehensive plan that people say is bold. But I’ll tell you what, it’s not bold. It’s common sense evidence-based things we can do to lower gun violence.”

Tapper cut Booker off and asked, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but you keep saying we’re not helpless. So I’m saying: What would have prevented this tragedy? I mean, I think that’s one of the issues that people wonder about when there are these horrible tragedies. What steps specifically would have stopped the massacre in Virginia Beach?”

Booker struggled to answer Tapper, instead opting to bash the “corporate gun lobby” and noting that his policies could cut gun violence overall.

Tapper gave up on trying to get Booker to explain how his policy could have stopped the Virginia Beach shooting, telling the senator, “I hear you not talking about this specific massacre, but talking about gun violence in general.”

As IJR previously reported, Booker is one of several 2020 Democrats proposing additions to gun control laws in the U.S.


  1. If Joe Biden would have offered the exact same “solution” would Jake Tapper had even asked the question? I think this is an important question because, the media picks the leftist candidate. I ask this question because Hillary Clinton was given a pass in the last election when she didn’t do any interviews while Bernie ‘wack job’ Sanders had to answer the hard (hard for a leftist) questions at every turn. We should not stand for this. We should demand that every democrat be asked this exact same question.

  2. Blah blah blah….just lip service…there has never been a mass shooting by an NRA member….it’s the people who want to die, but instead of taking their own lives feel they want some noteriety so they take alot of innocent bystanders with them.

  3. When the gun subject is discussed, there is lots of discussion about bad guns and more laws. Who makes the guns and makes the laws? People! The missing piece in this discussion is the overwhelming fact that in the 70’s there was great talk about behavioral sinks, when population becomes so dense that violence is the norm. Why do we put up with the ever larger and closer buildings, less open land, and more violence just taken as normal? In Japan they are definitely packed in higher and tighter, but they have a stronger moral code. Japan is very safe. The people are polite. Why do we let media brainwash people about have it your way and nobody else matters if you get your way? Violent video games have also brainwashed our youth. Why don’t we promote more room for people and kind acts that are selfless? It’s about time to see the human elephant in the room.

  4. He wants us to be just like Venezuela, defenceless against a failed government.

  5. Cory Booker is a socialist demogag and has no credibiity … he and his paty have ruined Newark, NJ and now he wants to ruin the United States. This man is not fit for public office.

  6. Perhaps he should make a movie about how his gun control could have stopped all the massacres and attempted genocide throughout history and how there could be no more mass murders in the future without guns. I’d be interested in watching such a movie or reading a story about how peaceful everyone’s life would be. Perhaps we should start a class-action suit against the Chinese for the creation of gun-powder. ( Alfred Nobel’s Dynamite in no way contributed to the evolution of guns, para-military rifles, machine guns, gas chambers, poison, chemical contaminants or hate. Hate? Mental aborations? I may have discovered a common denominator in mass murder like unnecessary yet socially convenient abortions.)No gunpowder… no wars. No politically motivated means of eliminating other governments or populations of people’s freedoms. People could still be waring in the ways of the Vikings, Genghis Kahn, The Christian Crusades, Greek and Roman Empire… and the list goes on.

  7. I ask, Which of the 21,428 laws currently on the books would have prevented this from happening? ZERO. In fact, the more restrictive legislation is enacted, the easier it is to commit violent acts such as this. It is factual that school shootings alone sharply increased in the early 90’s…

    “gun free school zones” does NOT WORK. This law essentially allowed the criminal mind a safe haven to commit mass murder for an extended period of time.

  8. Cory Booker is a classic politician that refuses to answer a perfectly logical direct question. He is also from a state where the gun laws are THE strictest in the country and he complains about Newark.
    Typical politician the tries to sell the notion that passing a law against evil will stop it. How stupid does he thing we are?

  9. He said we have to look at what works. Everywhere the current “infringements” on American citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights have been rolled back, violent crime has dropped dramatically.
    The simple fact is that we are not ever going to be able to stop certain people, who have a criminal mindset from perpetrating crime. The most effective way to deal with it is to allow free, law-abiding, responsible people to be able to defend themselves and their property as they see fit. Law enforcement simply cannot be everywhere, and it is totally unrealistic to expect them to prevent criminals from threatening your safety or your possessions.
    Laws, by definition, only affect the law-abiding. Criminals are not hampered in the least by any law passed to limit access to guns. The only thing these lawmakers do when they try to pass gun-control laws, is make the rest of us less safe. I’ll guarantee you that their protective forces carry guns. Why? Because the only truly effective neutralizing force against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns.

  10. The ONLY thing that would have stopped VA Beach shooting is giving our citizens the right and ability to protect themselves

    Return our God Given Rights. Or STFU!

  11. Booger can keep picking his nose. He is a simple man.

  12. He can’t because they won’t. And, that is not his intention. Booker is saying what he’s saying because he thinks it’s what his likely voters already agree with and it helps him buy votes. His real intention is to buy the votes he needs to win political power.
    If he cared about those who lost their lives, those wounded who survived, their families and their communities, he would not engage in hurtful political exploitation before the funeral services are held. Public pronouncements like his are not helpful to those suffering. They serve only to stir up anger and resentment by some against others.
    It is another form of identity politics, us versus them and, just more virtue signaling from this constantly pontificating phony political animal who only cares about himself and his political future.

  13. How did that gun control philosophy work in Newark, Cory? If you were to ask the four families whose children I buried in just 3 months I think you might not like the answer.

  14. Good old Booker with his “Spartacus Philosophy” trying to go against the “domino effect”!

  15. Booker is so stupid. This was painful to watch.

  16. It’s always the same, “we have evidence”, “I (we) have bold ideas”, but no one ever tells WHAT they are!! If Spartacus or anyone has any BOLD ideas, SAY them, don’t go dancing around the problem, face it head on and tell the American people what the EVIDENCE or IDEAS are. Typical Democratic spiel.

  17. He could not answer the question because he knows that his proposals would not have made one difference in stopping the massacre. He also knows that his measures are not aimed at stopping violence, but at disarming the populace in general. The only way the left can hope to bring socialism to America is to disarm the general public. They know it and that is why the left is so set on passing more gun legislation. Little by little they are attempting to strip us of our rights so they can impose their will on the general population.

  18. It’s not the guns, it’s the people who use the guns. Why not do something about the mentally ill who use the guns.

    1. Dems can’t go for that! Doing something for the mentally ill would automatically lock them up in these institutions!!

    2. That would be called “profiling” by the Lefty’s. And, IF the mentally ill shooter were a Black man or woman; add to that “Racist” (even though the mentally ill are prohibited by Law from possessing a weapon).

  19. In his photo he looks like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Like all liberals looking for a crumb of attention, he has NO plan. Just a lot of worthless talk.

    1. He may have a plan. I haven’t taken the time to look it up bc it is irrelevant. He will never be President. That said, it is important to know how and what the other side thinks.

      1. What the other side thinks is an age old story. Every election cycle they pull out their same old talking points in an effort to influence their low-IQ base since they have nothing for America (and are intellectually deficient to develop new ideas). Booker proves that here.

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