‘Exhausted’: Border Agents Continue to Trudge Through the Months-Long Crisis at the Southern Border

Border Patrol

As the immigration crisis at the southern border continues to grow, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are feeling the effects.

The U.S. is on track to apprehend over one million migrants attempting to enter the country through the southern border this fiscal year. So far, hundreds of thousands of migrants have been apprehended by CBP, putting a strain on resources and manpower that has forced Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release 168,000 migrants on their own recognizance.

Of these migrants, 87 percent of them will not return for their court date, according to a statistic by ICE.

Due to the heavy influx of migrants, CBP agents have been pulled from their posts guarding the border to assist in caring for the people being detained — spending an average of 40 percent of their on-duty time caring for them — which has prompted the agency to open up caregiver positions so that the agents can return to the jobs they are trained for.

Some agents have spoken out on how “exhausted” they are from dealing with the large number of people being held in the facilities.

Wesley Farris, the second vice president for the National Border Patrol Council’s El Paso chapter, explained that agents at the border are “exhausted” both “physically” and “mentally.”

“If there’s going to be a front-page headline about what’s happening on the border as it pertains to Border Patrol agents, it should be, ‘Exhausted,’” Farris said. “That’s what we are — exhausted — in every avenue. Exhausted mentally. Exhausted physically.”

The Border Patrol union’s Yuma chapter president Mario Campos said that some of the situations being dealt with by the agents are “horrible” and that they are occurring “more often” now than before due to the “huge influx.”

“Some of the things that they have to see and deal with are horrible,” Campos said, adding that the agents “find people that are deceased — in way greater rates than normal. Normally, we get things that are significant events like this that happen throughout the year, but because of the huge influx, it happens more often.”

The former U.S. Border Patrol chief, Ron Vitiello, also spoke out in a recent appearance on “Fox and Friends,” where he claimed that the facilities holding migrants were “being overwhelmed” by the massive numbers, as IJR Red previously reported.

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  1. Hang in there guys. The Left is trying to make you disgruntled and feel you are not accomplishing much the same way they did in Vietnam, The Gulf War and Afghanistan. The reason that many Vets today feel those things were a waste of time and money is because when they needed support from Congress the people on the Left prevented it from happening. Historically the Left starts these problems and when it blows up in their faces they shift the blame on people like you. So hang in there and rest with the knowledge that you are doing the right thing when they are doing their best to make you fail. You are, like US Military and Vets, are fighting a two front war. One against the flood of alien invaders into the US and the others on the Left in Congress and our Judiciary. Keep on with the good fight, many of us appreciate how hard you work and support you. Please don’t give up because they want you too.

  2. IF the United States has any semblance of an “Immigration Law” left, WHY aren’t these ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS being turned BACK at the border? Asylum is a joke! Our CBP Agents are not babysitters or tour guides for a bunch of diseased, poor, low educated, anti-American, freeloading CRIMINALS who are intent on ILLEGALLY entering and staying undetected in our Country. Nor should the hard working American taxpayer be paying for food, clothing, diapers, transportation OR medical care for the ILLEGALS

    Our CBP Agents are trained LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS trying to do a next to impossible job to protect the Nation and its’ sovereignty; something the American (Nazi-lite) Socialists do NOT want them to do. THEY support open borders, the ILLEGAL ALIEN voter and FREE everything to all comers per Socialism/Marxism.

    Past time for the President to issue an Executive Order to back up the CBP Agents and their Supervisors since the Socialist Congress can only manufacture phony stories for CNN and the rest of the fake news media about the crisis, keeping on wasting time and money to investigate our GREAT President for no real reason and obviously refusing to acknowledge America has an actual INVASION at the Southern border. The CBP Agents should be assisted by the HEAVILY armed military with orders to use whatever force may be necessary against the INVADERS to prevent their entry into the United States. The President’s order should be to: STOP ALL INVADING CRIMINALS AT THE BORDER WITH DEADLY FORCE AND ENSURE THEY ARE SENT BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    1. Asylum is a joke….because of the loop holes. Until that is remedied the illegals will be able to apply for asylum in our country instead of theirs or the nearest safe country to theirs. As long as Pelosi and Schumer are still breathing, I’m afraid that won’t happen. Hundreds of thousands are being released into our country, because of a lack of space in which to hold them, until their asylum hearing. Very few will show up for that.

  3. After long, multiple-shifts, and overwhelmed by sheer #s and a screeching congresswoman, the border agents can look forward to bringing home a bonus. Diseases, lice, ringworm, fleas, etc. are just more illegals crossing our border and our CBP personnel are directly affected and infected.

  4. Several states are pioneering PTSD eligibility and treatments for first responders. A slmilar program should be in place for these border agents.

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