Border Patrol Agents Seize $7M Drug Shipment at the Southern Border

REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo

United States Customs and Border Protection seized a hefty supply of illegal drugs making its way north into the country.

According to Fox News, border patrol agents found the massive narcotics stash in a cargo shipment crossing over a bridge connecting Mexico and Texas.

The cargo facility at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge was monitored by highly trained drug-sniffing dogs. The four-legged agents alerted law enforcement to the illicit shipment.

When the agents found the shipment, they seized $6,998,000 worth of cocaine, meth, and heroin. The drugs were hidden in a shipment of large stones.

In total, the agents seized 320 pounds of meth, 40 pounds of cocaine, and approximately seven pounds of heroin.

This massive drug bust comes on the heels of months of drama at the border surrounding the migrant caravan that made its way up to the U.S. from Honduras. In response to the caravan, President Trump deployed troops to the border to assist border patrol.

He also doubled down on his request for a border wall. As IJR previously reported, he had a contentious meeting with Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over funding for a border wall.

President Trump campaigned heavily on promises to build a border wall and he reignited his calls for $5 billion to be spent building the wall as the migrant caravan made its way north.

Although his current focus at the border is stopping unvetted people from entering the country, he has also argued that the wall could prevent drugs from entering the country, too.

As IJR previously reported, drug overdoses killed more Americans in 2017 than car accidents or gun violence.

Although it doesn’t sound like Democrats plan on conceding the funding for the wall, a deal must be made by the end of the month to avoid a government shutdown.

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Just to fill in the blanks of the second to last paragraph. Numbers for 2016: 37,461 people killed in car crashes, 15,088 killed by guns, 72,000+ killed by drug overdose. So more people died by drug overdose than car crashes and guns combined.

To preempt the gun grabbers: 383 died in mass shootings, 550 in murder-suicides, 1,979 were self defense, and 2,204 were by people who are too dumb to have a gun.

Rocky Drummond

About 1 in 5 trucks get close scrutiny, so they have relatively good odds crossing the border.

Sam Dorman

Readers might want to check out Stephen Miller’s comments here:

He indicated that the cost of heroin alone ($238 billion) would be enough to cover the cost of a border wall. It’s unclear how much a border wall would reduce that but he seems to be saying that trafficking accounts for a substantial enough portion of that.

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