Border Patrol Chief Stuns With Crisis Stats: ‘I Have Never Witnessed the Conditions We Are Currently Facing’

During a hearing in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Border Patrol sector chief Rodolfo Karisch spoke out about the current issues with immigration.

The chief oversees the Rio Grande Valley sector, and he claimed that the number of immigrants was unprecedented.

“In my 30 years as an agent, I have never witnessed the conditions we are currently facing on the southwest border,” Karisch testified on Tuesday.

He also claimed that the numbers are so large that they are equivalent to recent caravans, and these have made it difficult for the agents to keep up with the influx of migrants.

“The fact is that RGV is receiving caravan-equivalent numbers of migrants every seven days,” Karisch said in reference to the Rio Grande Valley sector.

Watch the video below:

As IJR previously reported, many immigration officials have spoken out about the border crisis and how overwhelmed agents are with trying to enforce the border.

“This is not a manufactured crisis created by those of us who live and work in the border area,” Karisch said. “Border Patrol continues to apprehend record numbers of people who purposely violate U.S. immigration laws. We are taken advantage of by gaps in our legal framework and then undermine the rule of law.”

He also made a point that both migrants and Americans are being hurt by those taking advantage of the current laws.

“Criminal organizations along the border capitalize on these issues and make tremendous profits at the expense of both migrants and the American people,” Karisch said.

Karisch also pointed out that the number of apprehensions this year has almost reached the overall total for 2018. As IJR Red reported, Border Patrol has been a strong supporter of better barriers along the southern border to discourage illegal crossings. The Pentagon recently allocated $1 billion in funds to start construction on new barriers.

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WHY are the CBP personnel being continually called to testify before the morons in Congress when it is so obvious those elected members of Congress have no ideas and no plans on where or how to begin fixing the problem? They should just shut up, stop wasting time and money, get out of the way and turn Trump loose. NO doubt he could have it fixed in 20 minutes. [He currently has a plan to fix the problem besides his Wall.]


But….but….Trump!!! He made it up!!!

-Every Democrat in Congress





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