‘They’re Not Trying to Get Away’: Border Patrol Chief Explains Why Weak Asylum Laws Draw More Migrants

Aaron Hull, who serves as the Border Patrol chief for the El Paso sector of the southern border, believes weak asylum laws are drawing migrants to the United States at an accelerated pace.

As IJR previously reported, Border Patrol agents have been forced to release migrants into the United States because detention facilities run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have reached capacity. As U.S. law currently stands, agents are mandated to release migrants into the country on their own recognizance with an order to return for their asylum hearing.

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Hull explained how some migrants embrace these weak asylum laws and don’t even try to escape Border Patrol custody because they know they will be cared for and released into the U.S. either way.


“Well actually here in our El Paso sector, it’s about 90% of the aliens are from those three [Central American] countries. Those people realize that as long as they’re being apprehended by us, they are still likely to be released on their own recognizance. That’s because the country, the U.S. Government as a whole, does not have the detention and removal capability to hold them in custody until their immigration hearing. When they know they are going to be released even though they’re caught it serves as a huge draw to enter this country illegally.”

Hull explained to Bartiromo that most migrants don’t even attempt to escape apprehension because they know it will only be a matter of time before they are free to go.

“Yeah, they’re not trying to get away. They know we’re basically a period of time they’re held in custody, then released and continue on to all parts of the United States,” explained Hull.

Hull noted that the U.S. immigration system has been overwhelmed because most of the people seeking asylum are family units from Central America, straining resources and making deportation difficult.

“A lot of people refer to all of these family units as ‘asylum seekers’ but that’s really not the case. Matter of fact most that we encounter — when they are caught at this step in the process — they don’t indicate fear of return. They indicate they want better opportunity.

This year, Border Patrol is expected to apprehend twice as many migrants as they did in 2018 as the number of apprehensions continues to skyrocket.

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I believe the word “migrant” is being overly used and incorrect. The Illegal Aliens who are INVADING our sovereign Nation are not entering LEGALLY as a “migrant” would; but are forcing their way in as LAW BREAKERS; i.e., criminals. The CBP and our military should exert every effort to thwart the invading force; even to the extent of using deadly force if those efforts are challenged.





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