‘Breaking Records’ With ‘No Signs’ of Slowing: Border Patrol Chief Begs Congress to Fix Immigration Crisis

Fox News/Screenshot

Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings revealed the record-breaking number of illegal immigrants and begged Congress to help change the broken system during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

Hastings said that despite threats of tariffs on the Mexican government, the number of immigrants continues to skyrocket.

“So far we just keep seeing increase after increase,” said Hastings. “Unfortunately, we’re breaking everything that we track as far as breaking records, the amount of apprehensions, large groups, the amount in custody. It just continues to rise so far with no sign of slowing.”

He described the increased flow of people and his shock at how serious the problem is.

“Those numbers are just astronomical,” Hastings said.

He broke down the recent numbers to show how much of a problem illegal immigration is.

“So far, in this fiscal year and as of today, over 614,000 that we’ve arrested. That’s higher than the last ten fiscal years and we have four months remaining in this fiscal year. That’s very concerning, it’s alarming to see the number that we saw in May. In May alone, we had over 132,000 arrests that were made, we’re up to 190 large groups now, we had a group on May 29 that was 1,045 in a large group.”

When asked about what Congress can do to help the issue, Hastings claimed that there needs to be a change in immigration laws to prevent people from taking advantage of potential loopholes.

“We have to be able to apply some type of consequence because the folks that we’re interviewing day in and day out, the agents are hearing every day ‘bring a kid, and you’ll be released,'” said Hastings.


He specifically pointed out the TVPRA law, which prevents families with their children from being deported. Hasting claimed that the law is being misused by those who claim unrelated children as their own to avoid being deported.

As IJR Red previously reported, immigration officials are requesting that Congress act and change the broken immigration system.

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Mary Ridosh-Spalding

SHOOT them as they come across, start with rubber bullets and let those illegals know, WE MEAN BUSINESS!! STAY THE HELL OUT unless you apply LEGALLY!!! If that doesn’t stop them, then extreme enforcement should be used!! PERIOD! Enough already with the onslaught of these people coming here to sponge off of this countries benefits meant for AMERICAN CITIZENS!!


The reality is both left and right have benefitted from their open borders scheme for years while Americans suffer. Trump finally gave us hope that Americans would be put first. He’s being fought all the way by both sides, except a few true conservatives. The rest need removed because they sure the heck don’t represent “We the People”.


If one person crosses the border due to Congress’ refusal to finish the border wall and provide adequate funds to protect United States citizens from physical harm or other terrorist actions we should demand the resignations or impeachment of every member of Congress who collaborated in this conspiracy to thwart our President from protecting our borders from these illegal aliens. Nuff said.


Fed up with Pelosi and her ilk. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

Mary MacDonald

The Democrats look at this as political and don’t care about the American people! I’m so angry with them and I’m sure a lot more people are so I’m hoping they get elected out of office!


Congress won’t do jack💩 until the 2020 election at least because everything is party-driven in that cess pool. It’ is hard to fathom how many invaders have successfully infiltrated and will before Congress does or does not do something.


sorry for the typo should be by


illegals are pouring into America buy the hundreds of thousands and Congress has the gaul to want pay raises!!!!!

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