Border Patrol Council President Criticizes ‘Vilifying’ Agents While Some ‘Romanticize’ Illegal Immigration

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Border Patrol Council President spoke out about issues with how Border Patrol is portrayed.

“It’s so frustrating and disappointing to see that border patrol agents are vilified for strictly enforcing the laws that Congress put in place,” Brandon Judd said.

He pointed out that their purpose is to protect American citizens but Judd claims there is a trend of the law enforcement group being criticized.

“We’re trying to protect the American public,” said Judd. “Yet, they romanticize those people crossing the border illegally and vilify the good guys that are trying to do the job for the American public.”

Judd also referred to Tuesday’s testimony of Border Patrol Sector Chief Rodolfo Karisch, who spoke out about the lack of resources to deal with the influx of migrants at the border.

“What we are looking at is all of our resources being pulled from the field as the [Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch] testified that we just don’t have the resources in the field to deal with the numbers of people that are crossing the border.”

As IJR previously reported, there have been many immigration officials who have been speaking out about the current state of border security. Judd also referenced another Border Patrol Chief and the numbers that he gave for those that were able to avoid capture.


“And what we have to look at is the number of people that are actually getting away, evading apprehension,” Judd explained. “Texas Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz from the same sector said within this fiscal year alone, we have 25,000 people that were able to evade apprehension.”

The Pentagon has sent $1 billion to build additional roads, fences, and lights along the border as a way to help border security officers to do their job as effectively as possible.