Border Patrol Council President Argues Sending Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Could Be a ‘Brilliant Move’

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During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd shared his support of President Donald Trump’s suggestion to send migrants to sanctuary cities.

When asked if the suggestion is legal, the Border Patrol council official claimed that he supported the legality of the claim.

“It’s absolutely legal,” Judd said. “But I’m going to get beaten up by the hard left for this comment. But this is actually a brilliant move on the president’s part.”

Judd also pointed out that there are “two layers” to the issue. The first is that sanctuary cities were designed to help protect migrants from recapture and sending them should be what the cities want.

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“If he’s doing it for humanitarian purposes, he should be praised,” said Judd. “These are cities that the city councils have consciously made a decision they’re going to accept the illegal aliens into their cities to protect them.”

However, the second layer is politics, as Judd claimed that sanctuary cities should experience what cities closer to the border are facing.

“If he’s doing it for political reasons, this is brilliant. These people have to be released for one reason or another,” said Judd. “And if we’re going to have to release them, why not show the sanctuary cities the same pressure that other cities are feeling from the release.”


As IJR Red reported, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that while moving them to sanctuary cities is not the “first choice,” she explained that it is “an option.” The border council president also claimed that the president was using the option as a way to call Democrats out.

“He’s showing the hypocrisy of the left,” said Judd. “The left is saying that ‘we want to accept these people, there should be open borders,’ but then when it comes to accepting them in their own cities, they’re saying ‘no, we don’t want them anymore.’ That is the definition of hypocrisy.”

The president has not made any official announcements about sending people to sanctuary cities and according to Sanders, officials are still considering other options.

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Phyllis Softa

One would expect that if a news outlet puts the statements of an individual out as a legal opinion, it would be expected to provide us with his legal qualifications. In addition to being the President of Border Security Patrol Union, is Mr. Judd a licensed attorney? That would be considered MORE than simply useful information. Some Union Presidents are attorneys, i.e.., Weingarten, Trumpka, but not all are as in the case of Cecil Roberts.


The current residents of these Sanctuary Cities shouldn’t look at this as, “there goes the neighborhood!”, but rather, “here comes a lifetime supply of lawn maintenance/gardeners and babysitters”.

After all, these illegals are “gifts from God”, as per Nancy Pelosi. I say deliver a few hundred thousand to San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. I’d donate some tents.


Heard an even greater idea. A Dem would sponsor an Illegal Alien to Oakland, CA. Upon arrival by bus or plane, the Illegal Alien’s picture would be taken and sent to his/her sponsor. In return the sponsor would send an autographed photo of him/herself with home address. IF the Illegal Alien is dissatisfied with the sanctuary he/she was bused/flown to, he/she would then be transported (at sponsor’s expense) to the sponsor’s home where the Illegal Alien would take up permanent residence.





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