Border Patrol Agents Catch Nearly 400 Migrants Illegally Crossing the Border Within One Week


Border security is still a major issue, as nearly 400 illegal immigrants crossed in one week and other groups have been detained with evidence that smugglers are helping them over the border.

According to a report by Fox News, Border Patrol detained a group of 376 Central American migrants after they crossed the border in January. However, the group had 179 children with them and made no efforts to avoid being caught by the border patrol agents.

Another group’s crossing was caught on camera and was posted on Wednesday by Arizona Border Patrol. This group seemed to have help from a smuggler who provided them with a ladder to get to the other side.


These are not the only issues that border security is facing, as officials have said they have arrested more than 100 people since October that are believed to be gang members around the same area and recently detained two that were traveling together.

The larger group of Central Americans were taken back to the Mexican side of the border after they were found. However, this still shows there is a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

Many conservatives are pushing for border security funding, but it may be worthwhile to consider ways to reform immigration laws as well to encourage people to come through the border legally.

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*yawn*. Wake me up when the headline reads “400 Invaders Shot”. We don’t need walls if we have enough shooters with live ammo. Military training programs are already budgeted AND it will prove whether a recruit has the will to actually shoot another human being. The washouts can get jobs at Planned Parenthood. What? Too truthful?

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