Boris Johnson Admits He Hung Up on Trump Because He Thought It Was a Prank Call

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Boris Johnson, the conservative British politician who is largely viewed as a front-runner in the election to be the United Kingdom’s next Prime Minister says that President Donald Trump called him last week — but Johnson believed the call was a prank, so he hung up.

The British politician revealed the anecdote during an interview with the Sunday Times, remarking “The person had a mild Irish accent and said, ‘this is the No. 10 Downing Street switchboard, we have got the President of the United States for you. I am just going to patch you through to the White House situation room.'”

Thinking it was a radio prank, Johnson shot back, “To all our listeners on Radio Kilkenny, I was not fooled for an instant.” He said that he didn’t find out until he called the Prime Minister’s residence later that the President of the United States had actually been on the other end of the line.

Last year, Johnson got pranked by a caller pretending to be the prime minister of Armenia.

President Trump has also found himself on the receiving end of a prank call. Last year, a radio host called the president, pretending to be New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. He didn’t initially get through but instead, Trump called him back and the radio host played his conversation with the president on-air.

Johnson said that he eventually got to speak to Trump later on and that the president wanted to meet with him but that he had to turn it down because he had a previous engagement.

The British politician was one of the key voices behind the Brexit movement, which led to a vote to leave the European Union. He’s also served as Mayor of London. But British Prime Minister Theresa May recently resigned from her post, leaving the spot open and Johnson is widely viewed as the man to beat.

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