Boston Bombing Victim Ready to Run in the 2015 Marathon Shows What #BostonStrong Really Means

Rebekah Gregory will be at the starting line of the Boston Marathon today and, given what she went through two years ago, it’s no wonder she told ESPN that the whole experience is “surreal”:

“Two years ago, I was here in Boston, lying on the pavement, fighting for my life. One year ago, I was in a wheelchair, not knowing what was going to happen with my injuries. Now I’m here, running in the marathon. It’s very surreal when I look back on it all. I tell everyone the only thing that’s going to be hitting the pavement this time is my running shoes.”

Here’s is Gregory today:

In 2013, Gregory (then DiMartino) was not running in the famous 26.2 mile race, she was standing at the finish line with her family when two bombs went off killing 3 and injuring over 250 people.

After 25 surgeries, Gregory had her left leg amputated. She went through two devastating years of physical therapy and rehabilitation, but now she’s ready to show what “Boston Strong” really means.

Gregory’s original goal was to run the entire marathon, but doctors have advised her that she has not healed enough from her latest round of surgeries. Gregory has limited her race to 3.5 miles instead:

It’s still a huge victory for me because I’m so new with my prosthetic. I’ll be using my running blade, Forrest. (I call it that because of “Run, Forrest, Run!” in “Forrest Gump.”). Then next year I’ll try to run the whole marathon.

It’s very painful to run. If I get to a certain point, my leg busts open and bleeds everywhere. It’s hard though, because I was in this limbo wheelchair state for the better part of two years, and now that I can move around and run I want to do everything. So trying to find that balance is hard — I don’t think I’ve found it yet!

Gregory has been in Boston all week, sharing her journey and the things that make Boston great.

First, she ate some incredible looking seafood:

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You know you're in Boston when….???

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Then she went to a Red Sox game:

And as of last night, she had all her gear laid out and ready for today’s big race:

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It's almost time….???

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Run like the wind, Rebekah.

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