Brad Paisley’s Take on Trump & Obama Handshake Is Exactly What This Country Needs More Of

When President-elect Donald Trump met with President Barack Obama, photos were taken of them shaking hands.

Image Credit: Jim Watson/Getty Images

Obama called their nearly-two hour talk “excellent conversation” and “wide-ranging.”

Yet, as previously reported by Independent Journal Review, body language expert Tonya Reiman suggested that Trump and Obama’s meeting was not as amicable as it appeared. To make her case, Reiman pointed to how much eye contact the two leaders had, saying:

“Neither one of them really makes eye contact. So you’ll notice that Trump is looking down and Obama’s looking down. So they give that mutual respect of a handshake but they don’t give that mutual respect with that eye contact.”

However, country singer Brad Paisley is choosing to look at the handshake between the two men with a positive spin.

Posted by Brad Paisley on Thursday, June 26, 2014

Paisley is ready for the negativity and hate from this year’s election to be finished, especially for the sake of his two little boys, nine-year-old Huck and seven-year-old Jasper.

In a recent interview, Paisley tells People:

“I am really sick of this climate — really sick of the negativity. I have two little boys, and I want them to feel like this is the nation that I know. That this is the nation that isn’t petty.” We have to be as good as we want to be as a nation. We have to do these things, we have to find love.”

Image Credit: Jim Watson/Getty Images

To the country singer, Trump and Obama’s handshake is a symbol of what the country can do by coming together with respect and tolerance:

“When you see Obama and Trump shake hands, and seem to show respect to one another — that is what we need. I think it’s really important right now. [I was] inspired by watching [it].”

Paisley is standing strongly with our country, telling People, “It’s really going to be an interesting thing to see where we go from here, but I have complete and total faith in our country. Now we can move on and see what happens.”

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