Border Patrol Union Pres Lauds Trump’s Immigration Rule, Tells Critics It’s ‘Exactly the Rule’ Clinton Signed

The president of the Border Patrol union gave President Donald Trump props for his new immigration rule.

During an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was asked about the new rule, which would prevent visa applicants from going through if they did not meet income requirements or if they use public assistance programs like Medicaid or welfare, as IJR News previously reported.

Judd said the president’s new rule is “going to send a clear message” to the world about immigrating to the U.S., in that a person would “have to support” themselves if they applied for visa status or immigration.

He then railed against the “hard-left groups” opposed to the new rule, pointing out that it was “exactly the rule” that had been utilized under both former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s administrations before it was changed under former President Barack Obama’s watch.

Watch the video here:

“You should not come to the United States as an immigrant and be a burden on the taxpaying system,” said the National Border Patrol Council president. “And that’s how it was under the Clinton administration. That’s how it was under the Bush administration. And then it all changed under the Obama administration. We relaxed all of the rules, and that’s one of the things that spurs illegal immigration is when we don’t enforce the current laws that are on the books.”

“So this is a very good thing for the American public, for the taxpayer,” continued Judd. “For people that come to the United States, they are not to be a burden on the current taxpayer.”

The acting U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli addressed the new rule in a press conference on Monday, as IJR Red previously reported.

Cuccinelli said that the administration wanted to “see people coming to this country who are self-sufficient” and that the rule would prevent those attempting to come to the U.S. who are “likely to become a public charge” from obtaining a green card.

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He and the president are right.

Just because you decided to “move” here illegally does not entitle you to benefits meant for citizens. This includes educating your children, who overcrowd classrooms and drain resources with ESL and remedial classes.





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