Brazil Demanded $11,000 ‘Shakedown’ From Team USA Swimmer Involved in Lochte Scandal

The mess that transpired in Rio appears to finally be over, after all four U.S. swimmers were able to return home embarrassed and emotionally bruised.

James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Ryan Lochte were put through the ringer after a night of partying ended up in some gas station hijinks and false claims of armed robbery.

Image Credit: STAFF/AFP/Getty Images)
Image Credit: Staff/AFP/Getty Images

As it turns out, while the swimmers claimed they’d been robbed at gunpoint, they had actually vandalized a gas station bathroom and been forced to pay up for the damages, on the spot, by armed security guards.

The story made huge waves across the world as Lochte, Conger, and Bentz were let off the hook, but Feigen was forced to make a $10,800 “donation” by a local judge to a charity in Rio.

According to numerous sources, the money went to Instituto Reação, or the Reaction Institute, in Rio.

Image Credit: Instituto Reação
Image Credit: Instituto Reação

The charity teaches martial arts, specifically Judo, to children in the impoverished favela. Not only that, they prepare and train them for potentially competing in the Olympics.

This gym is no joke either — 2016 gold medal winner Rafaela Silva allegedly trained there.

Image Credit: JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
Image Credit: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

The money will go towards new equipment and repairs for the facility.

Americans were not too pleased about this “shakedown” on Twitter:

The Reaction Institute told TMZ that it hopes that Feigen will visit the facility once it’s done. But it’s doubtful any of the four U.S. swimmers will be returning to Brazil in the near future.

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