New Video Appears to Show Campaign Staffers Claiming TN Democrat Lied About Supporting Kavanaugh for Votes

Project Veritas seems to have captured campaign staff for Democratic Tennessee Senate candidate Phil Bredesen admitting that the candidate lied about his support for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to gain votes.

Bredesen made waves when he announced that he would have voted to confirm Kavanaugh even though he is a Democrat.  Bredesen is in a tight Senate race against Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.). The Real Clear Politics average has the two candidates separated by 2.7 points, with Blackburn having a slight lead.

The undercover video that Project Veritas Action produced shows alleged campaign staffers explaining that Bredesen is just pretending to support President Donald Trump in order to pull some moderate Republicans to his side.

Watch the video below:

UNDERCOVER REPORTER: I think it’s important to remind yourself that, like us, that [stating he would vote for Kavanaugh] is just a political move, right?


REPORTER: That’s the only way I can…

MILLER: But isn’t that gross?


MILLER: Yeah, that’s like the way it has to go.

REPORTER: I just hate that he has to, like, lie to, like, get that vote.

MILLER: I know, I know. Tell me about it. Unfortunately, that’s reality.

Another undercover reporter spoke with an alleged field staffer, Maria Amalla, who told a similar story about Bredesen’s motives in announcing his support for Kavanaugh.

REPORTER: Like, why would you say yes if you would really say no [about whether you would vote to confirm Kavanaugh]. You know?

AMALLA: Yeah, because it’s like a political move, and so he’s trying to make up those points. […] Seventy-four percent of Tennesseans wanted to see Kavanaugh confirmed. So I, like — this isn’t like, what is it, messaging or anything. But like, logically, based on those numbers and what I’ve seen is that he had already known that that gap between him and her has grown more. And so he thought that, like, by coming out in support [of confirming Kavanaugh] that it would get more Republicans on his side. He wasn’t doing as well in the rural parts. And so what he’s banking on is for people who are, like, Democrats and stuff to still come out and vote.

Alleged campaign worker Will Stewart also added:

“Yeah. We don’t say that out of these walls. But here, of course, we talk about that. Beause it’s so funny. The messaging is like, ‘Don’t talk about blue wave. We’re not running against Trump.’ All this sort of stuff. Even though that’s all why we are all here. We can’t put it out there.”

All of the footage shows alleged staffers in what appears to be a campaign office, though the Tennessee Star wasn’t able to confirm that these alleged staffers are paid employees of his campaign.

As IJR has previously noted, Project Veritas has a controversial history of using questionable methods to infiltrate organizations and has faced criticism for misleading video editing.

Although the alleged campaign workers have not been confirmed to be employees, many conservatives quickly condemned Bredesen’s campaign.

Watch Project Veritas Action’s full video below:

This footage could make an impact in the tight race between Bredesen and Blackburn. Voters will make the final decision on November 6.

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Harry Knutsak
Harry Knutsak

Politicians being politicians, nothing new. They all lie to get votes.


Politicians being politicians, nothing new. They all lie to get votes.

Phyllis Softa

O’Keffe video?? How many times has this guy been discredited.? Is it not time he get a real job.

Kyrsten Sinema

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