‘We’re Loud, Obnoxious Drunks’: 1983 Kavanaugh Letter Details Plans for ‘Beach Week’

Brett Kavanaugh
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A letter that Brett Kavanaugh wrote in 1983, which The New York Times obtained, described the plans for the now-Supreme Court nominee’s “Beach Week” trip, and it is littered with lewd commentary.

The purpose of the letter is to hand over financial responsibility for a rental while the young Kavanaugh was in Ireland. He detailed how much money they owed the renters and how to pay them.

As the letter progresses, there’s less instruction and more jokes and innuendos.

“I think we are unanimous that any girls we can beg to stay there are welcomed with open….,” Kavanaugh wrote, with the ellipsis marking off the unfinished sentence.

The letter is signed “FFFFF, Bart” and is finished with the postscript:

“It would probably be a good idea on Sat. the 18th to warn the neighbors that we’re loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us. Advise them to go about 30 miles…”

The letter is then cut off.

“This is a note I wrote to organize ‘Beach Week’ in the summer of 1983,” Kavanaugh told the Times through his lawyers.

One of Kavanaugh’s classmates called the content of the letter “a couple of harmless jokes.”

The judge’s high school drinking is under examination due to the fact that Christine Blasey Ford claimed he was drunk when he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

While testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Kavanaugh admitted he drank in high school but not to the extent that he had a problem.

In his yearbook, Kavanaugh wrote: “Beach Week Ralph Club — Biggest Contributor.” In his testimony, Kavanaugh said that “Ralph” was a reference to throwing up but that it was because of his “weak stomach” and not from drinking.

The recently uncovered letter has raised questions as to whether Kavanaugh undersold his drinking habits in his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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How about focusing on the rulings, and his conduct, as a judge.





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