The Briefing, Briefly: April 13 Edition

Friday the 13th;
Or April 13 White House Press Briefing

Hello, and welcome to our extra-special Friday the 13th version of The Briefing, Briefly. Things are getting spooky over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. (Sound effects sold separately.)

White House Week In Review:

  • A Pinch Hit: Today and tomorrow Vice President Mike Pence and Assistant to the President Ivanka Trump will take President Trump’s place at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru. There, Ivanka announced two new women’s initiatives to stimulate economic growth in the region.
  • The White House unveiled the Opioid Memorial now open to the public. It’s open until April 18. According to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “it’s a moving experience.”
  • Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing took place earlier this week, which by all accounts the White House believed “went very well.”

And with that, she took our questions.

“Liar and Self-Admitted Leaker” <– Two ways Sarah described new author James Comey. Excerpts from his book “A Higher Loyalty” circulated today and let’s put it this way, it’s not going on the White House’s “must read” list. Sarah says that it “belongs in the bargain bin of the fiction section.” Now “Fire and Fury” may have a friend!

Running Out The Clock: Folks in the press corps wondered if Trump is running out the clock on any kind of decisive call regarding Syria. (We expected to hear something on Wednesday.) Sarah tells reporters to hold on: “We are continuing to have ongoing conversations with our partners and allies.”

A jump across the Atlantic to ongoing conflicts…

First in Syria, who Trump and the White House maintain were behind chemical weapons attack in conjunction with Russia.

And then to Russia, on the matter of possible Russian collusion. According to Sarah, guess what? There was none.

Now we turn to the ever busy White House HR department:

In White House hiring/firing news:

Michael Cohen may be out of a job as Trump’s personal lawyer. Sarah danced around confirming if the president shook up his personal team of attorneys.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might need to be looking for his next gig. But his employment is safe for now since according to Sarah there’s nothing to report on that front.

“The Briefing, Briefly” Food Analogy of the Day

“Two Peas in a Pod”: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Former FBI Director James Comey.

And one more extra tweet, because it’s Friday and I’m feeling generous…take a look at what Sarah wrote back in 2016:

A little on the nose, no?

On that note, that wraps today’s briefing, briefly. Let’s hope no more spooky news breaks after 5 p.m. Until then, see you on the Internet.

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