The Briefing, Briefly: The White House Guarantees Safety of a Dictator?

Should the White House guarantee the safety of a dictator? This, among other North Korea sentiments, occupied most of Tuesday’s truncated White House press briefing with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

Hello, and welcome to today’s Briefing, Briefly, where I tune in — and often attend — the daily press briefing so you don’t have to. The possibility of a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was the name of the game during today’s 15-minute Q&A session.

To answer the question from up top: well, depends on who you ask. According to Sarah, it’s a means to an end — a concession to sweeten the total denuclearization deal for Kim. And will that fateful meeting actually happen as planned on June 12?

Let’s look at the several iterations of Sarah’s answer to that question and see:

  • We continue to prepare for the summit. If they want to meet, we’ll be ready. 
  • The president spends a significant amount of time meeting in person and having regular phone conversations with other world leaders.
  • We continue to prepare and see what happens.
  • We felt like the conversations today were productive.

It seems like the White House is cautiously optimistic.

In some other news, a reporter from the Associated Press was reportedly pushed by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) security guard today. Several other press corps members, including CNN White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta and The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush, condemned the EPA’s alleged actions.

The White House’s response? Sarah refused to entertain hypotheticals but offered: “I don’t have a lot of visibility since certainly we weren’t there and we’re in other meetings here. Something we’re certainly going to look into.”

In Swamp Activities … there’s a sinkhole in the White House. What some may call a deep … state of affairs for the front lawn.

(I’ll show myself out.)

A Fake Letter From the White House to Congressional Democrats —

Dear Democrats (especially lyin’ Chuck Schumer),

You are hereby not invited to a Thursday meeting to review certain documents revolving around a possible FBI informant interacting with the Trump presidential campaign. As Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during the press briefing, “they haven’t been the one requesting the information.” We’ll send you a postcard.


The White House

And on that literary note, I’ll end today’s Briefing, Briefly. If you enjoy this recap or would like to do a good deed for a generous person (me), share this article around to your friends. Hell, send it to your enemies, the girl who ghosted you on Bumble, your Via driver, anybody. Until next time, see you on the internet.

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