Controversial Broward Election Official Promises Fairness After Bragging About Democratic Party Affiliation

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During an appearance on CNN, Broward County election official Brenda Snipes made confusing comments about why she is not biased while overseeing the Florida recount.

Senate candidate Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Snipes, claiming that she had a lack of transparency regarding important election information. Although the judge ordered Snipes to give the information to the Scott campaign, she did not do so by the court’s deadline.

Some are questioning whether this had anything to do with party affiliation, yet Snipes’ response did not do much to deter criticism.

“I have been a Democrat all my life. In this position, I’ve been very focused on party because I want to treat all voters the same,” said Snipes. “And I think if you asked the voters, you’d find that I have that reputation. I don’t have a reason to withhold anything back, except that I don’t want to give out information that’s incomplete or incorrect at that particular time.”

However, this is concerning due to many issues Snipes has had regarding withholding ballot information long past when it was requested and not giving an answer as to why.


She was questioned about issues with illegal ballots reportedly being mixed with regular ballots.

“There were 25 ballots in question, not 21. And those 25 ballots had not been counted as of today. But now those ballots, as I understand it, came from valid Broward voters,” said Snipes. “And I believe every voter should be given a fair opportunity to have their ballot cast, but we don’t want that ballot to be cast illegally.”

Although she has faced controversy before, Snipes is not backing down from her opinion.

“If the ballot doesn’t meet the standard, that’s one thing,” said Snipes. “But if the ballots have been determined to come from actual registered voters who met all the criteria of being a registered voter — and operated as a registered voter, those votes should be counted.”

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