Controversial Broward Election Official Promises Fairness After Bragging About Democratic Party Affiliation

During an appearance on CNN, Broward County election official Brenda Snipes made confusing comments about why she is not biased while overseeing the Florida recount.

Senate candidate Rick Scott filed a lawsuit against Snipes, claiming that she had a lack of transparency regarding important election information. Although the judge ordered Snipes to give the information to the Scott campaign, she did not do so by the court’s deadline.

Some are questioning whether this had anything to do with party affiliation, yet Snipes’ response did not do much to deter criticism.

“I have been a Democrat all my life. In this position, I’ve been very focused on party because I want to treat all voters the same,” said Snipes. “And I think if you asked the voters, you’d find that I have that reputation. I don’t have a reason to withhold anything back, except that I don’t want to give out information that’s incomplete or incorrect at that particular time.”

However, this is concerning due to many issues Snipes has had regarding withholding ballot information long past when it was requested and not giving an answer as to why.


She was questioned about issues with illegal ballots reportedly being mixed with regular ballots.

“There were 25 ballots in question, not 21. And those 25 ballots had not been counted as of today. But now those ballots, as I understand it, came from valid Broward voters,” said Snipes. “And I believe every voter should be given a fair opportunity to have their ballot cast, but we don’t want that ballot to be cast illegally.”

Although she has faced controversy before, Snipes is not backing down from her opinion.

“If the ballot doesn’t meet the standard, that’s one thing,” said Snipes. “But if the ballots have been determined to come from actual registered voters who met all the criteria of being a registered voter — and operated as a registered voter, those votes should be counted.”


  1. This isn’t the first time that Snipes has mishandled election materials. She may be a Democrat, but Republicans like Governor Rick Scott also didn’t do anything to remove her from office despite these mistakes. Do you think both sides share the blame for this mess because they didn’t remove her from office?

    1. As I understand it Broward is heavily Democratic and so she has the office. q.v. ex-Sheriff Scott Israel who was fired for malfeasance and criminal charges.

      It’s possible that the state government is hesitant to cross the state/local boundaries unless she actually commits crimes or violates state statutes.

      1. Screwtape I don’t know where you got your information but as near as I can tell Scott Isreal IS still the Broward County Sheriff. Sad but true.

    2. Broward County and its neighbors, specifically Palm Beach County have a long history of being the laughingstock of elections. If you are old enough you will remember what was probably the most infamous of their ineptness. That was the 2000 election famous for “hanging chads”. However, Brenda Snipes has the distinction of having screw ups in almost every election since she was elected in 2004.

      1. Yes and almost 20 years on they STILL haven’t cleaned up their shit. Some laughingstocks deserve it, except that stealing elections is serious.

    3. Your musing that Governor Scott did nothing to remove her. Election supervisors are a county position and are elected. While the governor can remove a local elected official the reason for doing so has to be far more serious than ineptness in carrying out the job. It has to be at the level of an illegal act against the FL constitution. However, one can put the blame on the people of Broward County as she has been in office for 14 years and would have had to be re-elected a few times.

      1. Agreed, but note that I mentioned malfeasance or criminal acts as grounds for removal.

      2. There was already a court case and summary judgment after the 2016 mess and nothing happened. Putting more light on them can’t hurt.

    4. You should contact Tim Canova, the Independent candidate running in Broward County. He has experience with two elections there.

    5. No, Madison, the corrupt, arrogant and imbecilic Snipes is solely responsible for this incompetence, disregard for election laws and what may well be fraud. The only knock I have on Scott though is his regime didn’t get rid of her before. That oversight is a function of Tallahassee’s legacy of corruption and crime and not Scott himself.

  2. Hmmm, wonder what you would say had she bragged about being a republican? Political affiliation does not mean you can’t do a job correctly!

    1. Exactly. Yet so many are so very bad at separating their professional lives from their personal ideologies.

    2. In a vacuum her comment is fine, but given all the BS that has been going on for years in those 2 counties, it’s just plain stupid. Kinda like the first sentence in your comment, and that should be as obvious as the 2nd sentence.

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