‘Anti-Wall Protesters’ Target Pro-Trump ‘Build the Wall Dinner’ in California, Allegedly Assault Attendee

An attendee to a California Tea Party Caucus event in Sacramento was allegedly assaulted outside the venue Saturday night.

More than 1,400 Republicans were gathered in Sacramento for the California Republican Party convention. The convention included a keynoted address from former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

A few blocks away from the convention, California’s Tea Party Caucus’s “Build the Wall” dinner was in full swing. This dinner, however, would soon be interrupted.

Around 7:30 that night, a gaggle of “anti-wall protesters” assembled outside the Claim Jumper restaurant in Sacramento, where they shouted, “immigrants are welcome here.”

One of the attendees in the restaurant, John Berry, went outside to film the protesters when he was confronted and the alleged assault occurred. The video captured by Berry shows a protester smacking the phone out of Berry’s hands.

Another video of the confrontation posted to Twitter by Los Angeles Times reporter Christine Mai-Duc shows the protesters assembled outside the restaurant.

Watch here:

When asked about the incident by the Sacramento Bee, Berry said he would not “be intimidated by a bunch of little punks,” calling the “cartoonish” protest “funny.”

“I’m not going to be intimidated by a bunch of little punks. We’re 100 members attending a dinner and they were trying to shut us up. The irony is they were so cartoonish it was actually funny. They did us a favor by providing us publicity and a reason to go.”

Officers at the scene broke up the confrontation and issued a battery citation to a suspect linked to the assault, Clayton Isaeff.

Despite the chaos at the “Build the Wall Dinner,” the convention seemed to go on without incident. Spicer delivered his keynote speech to an estimated 1,400-person delegation at the annual state GOP convention.

Focusing on the need for unification in the California GOP in the Democrat-controlled state, Spicer called for the members to continue supporting President Donald Trump, saying “We don’t have time as a party for division anymore.”

He continued:

“The left is fired up. They don’t like what this president is doing. Frankly, they don’t like how effective he’s been.”

Spicer served as the White House press secretary from the president’s inauguration until July of 2017.

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James Harvey

Don’t even dignify them with a glance. They are slugs, let them crawl through the salt.


This once great Nation is going down the toilet with the likes of the Nazi wannabes on the Left. Hopefully there are plenty of true, red-blooded AMERICANS remaining to vote and keep the swamp creatures from completely ruining this Country.





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