2020 Dem Immediately Flips After Admitting the ‘Economy Is Booming,’ Tries to Claim Wages Aren’t Rising

Governor Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) refused to admit that Americans are better off under the economic leadership of President Donald Trump, despite the “booming” economy.

Bullock — who is one of the 23 Democrats running for president in 2020 — admitted that the “economy is booming” under Trump, but he claimed that it isn’t actually helping the American people as much as it’s helping corporations.

During an interview on “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper held Bullock’s feet to the fire and questioned why Americans would want to change things up with the economy thriving under President Trump.

“The economy is roaring. The unemployment is at 3.6 percent — the lowest level since 1969 when you were, what, three? Wage growth has climbed to 3.2 percent, well above the pace of rising prices. Job numbers grew more than expected last month. President Trump’s been in office for almost two and a half years, now. What do you say to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Montana, who say ‘the economy’s doing great. Why would I vote for somebody else?'”

Bullock agreed with the facts Tapper laid out and conceded that the economy “is doing great.” But it didn’t take long for the governor to do a 180 and claim that the economy isn’t actually helping everyday Americans and wages aren’t actually growing.

Watch Bullock’s comments:

“Yeah, the economy is doing great for some people, but if you look over the last 40 years, the average American worker really hasn’t even had a wage increase in real terms. […] The guy that cleans this very building paid more in taxes last year than Amazon did with $10 billion in profits. So yeah, the economy is booming for a whole lot of folks, but for a whole lot of folks, they’re not getting a lot better because of the Trump tax cuts and what President Trump has done.”

Despite what Bullock claimed, wages are rising and most Americans received a tax cut under the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It isn’t clear what Bullock’s plan is to outpace the advancements Americans have seen economically over the past two and a half years under President Trump.

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