CNN’s Burnett Says Bolton Is ‘Doing the President’s Bidding,’ Urges Him to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Testify

CNN’s Erin Burnett ripped into former National Security Adviser John Bolton after he sent out a series of cryptic tweets following his return to Twitter.

Burnett read one of Bolton’s new tweets while mentioning that thus far he has refused to testify in the impeachment probe and suggested that he is “doing the president’s bidding” by not testifying.

“Bolton though is of course still hiding behind Twitter, and still technically doing the president’s bidding because he’s refusing to testify in the impeachment investigation. And to be very clear on two big points here: One, Bolton has a lot to say about what Trump did, and what Trump knew, and when he knew it. Bolton was in the know.”

Watch her comments below:

After playing a montage of witnesses telling members of the House Intelligence Committee that Bolton was informed of what was happening with the hold on military aid for Ukraine, Burnett blasted Bolton for “teasing the American public.”

“So Bolton knows a lot, okay? And he’s out there tweeting about things and teasing the American public, instead of actually talking and telling everything he knows. Remember the other day when he tweeted ‘stay tuned’? The reality of the situation at this point is that if John Bolton wants actually to do the right thing and protect American national security, instead of getting on a Twitter high-horse, he should testify. That’s the right answer for him. He doesn’t work for Trump anymore. And that’s the other big thing; he could stand up, stand up and speak and defy the president as nearly a dozen others have chosen to do. And testify publicly.”

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) told Burnett that she wants Bolton to testify publicly, adding that she hopes he will testify in the Senate trial.

“One can only hope that these people will finally figure out that maybe they should really think about America and national security and not loyalty to a lying president who only cares about himself.”

Burnett noted that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney still haven’t testified, and pointed out once again that Bolton does not work in the Trump Administration and that he could testify despite the president’s wishes.

On November 25, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ruled that former White House counsel Don McGahn would have to testify before impeachment investigators.

Two days later, Jackson issued a week-long hold on her previous order while she decides whether or not to put the case on hold to allow the Justice Department to appeal her ruling.

Jackson’s initial ruling led to speculation that Bolton would be compelled to testify before impeachment investigators. However, lawyers for Bolton said that ruling does not apply to him because of his position in the administration. Instead, Bolton will wait for a court to decide if he has to testify.

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Join the discussion…IT IS ALWAYS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. We understand you communist types like to force people to prove they are innocent before there is any proof they are guilty. Peenix, your party would not exist in any world if you had to prove anything. You and your party live on innuendo and hearsay. You have ZERO proof.


So what is a Burnett and why is she worthy of this much attention? I’m sure Bolton snapped to attention when she challenged him to speak up.

Jess Sain
Jess Sain

Burnett is doing the DNCs bidding, do the right thing and stop horking all that communist zipper trout and get a real job. Fake news, wipe it off your shoes.


Phoenix- since I respect you I will ASK that you please WAKE UP. “If testifying was going to absolve any of these folks then theu(sic) would have willingly done so months ago…” Please remember that you are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty here in The United States of America. You are NOT REQUIRED to prove your innocence, the other side IS REQUIRED to PROVE your guilt. And, PLEASE, don’t go softaintheheada on me. PLEASE don’t start your comment with something about the wall. Talk about fixation.

Mark Simmons

Two thoughts.

1. Does she not believe ALL the witnesses that have testified that they have no evidence of President Trump committing ANY crime?

2. I don’t remember her insisting that any of these people testify to what they know about reported scandals: Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barrack Obama, Susan Rice, Andrew Weissmann, and Cheryl Mills.

Jeffrey Moore

Really? CNN’s Erin Burnett wants Bolton to do HER bidding? Or CNN’s?

Betsy Lawson

Oh, ok Erin and all the other Toadies at CNN. As you are obviously the pinnacle of journalistic integrity, I am sure Secretary Bolton and anyone else you ask will go running to testify. Put the weed down and come back to Planet Earth. The hearings are a joke just like CNN and the rest of the pitchforked rabble on the left.

Tom Bodine

Never heard of her





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