‘Buttercups…Get the Hell Over It’: Mom Tells Protesters Just What She’d Do If ‘I Were Your Mama’

Peggy Hubbard’s back, and she’s got a message for all the “buttercups, cupcakes, snowflakes, Millennials” who are rioting and protesting around the country after Donald Trump’s election.

Hubbard, who gained notoriety for her YouTube video excoriating Black Lives Matter protests on behalf of  “a criminal” in Ferguson, Missouri, and for “tearing up other peoples’ sh*t,” has a word for today’s protesters.

She says to grow up and wake up:

“Buttercups, cupcakes, snowflakes, Millennials: Wake the hell up. Life is not fair. There’s going to be times when you cannot make your mortgage payment. You cannot pay for an orthodontist, your car breaks down, your car note is due, your insurance is due, your husband’s not acting right, your mother-in-law is coming to live with you on an indefinite period visit. So therefore, you suck it up, you tuck it up, and you keep on rolling.”

The Navy veteran made a Facebook video about what she would do if she were president of the United States or the protesters’ mama:

Bitch Babies!

Posted by Peggy Hubbard on Thursday, November 10, 2016

She has little patience for what she called “b**ch babies” who destroying other peoples property–not to mention their well-being:

“If you’re disrupting our commerce, our businesses, our residents, our way of life–people cannot get back and forth to work because your clown asses decide to act like a fool and act like a bunch of b**ch babies? Then you know what I would do? If you’re on social security, you’re on SSI, SSD, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8, EBT, food stamps–anything the federal government is paying for, if you’re arrested I would cut you off.”

And if her kids were skiving off classes at college to protest? Watch out, here comes Peggy:

“Boy you’re lucky I’m not your mama. If my kids did not go to class and I’m paying $3600 a month for college classes and he tells me or she tells me … didn’t go to classes, I would be at that school beating her ass.”

And she’s got a lot of company, judging by her Facebook comments:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

When we checked, she had more than 18,000 comments, and more than four million people had watched her video:

Image Credit: Screengrab/Facebook

The St. Louis native suggested people who threatened to leave the country if Trump won should feel free to “get gone.”

There’s more, but you probably should watch Peggy tell you in her video.

What do you think?

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