Buttigieg Scolds Black Lives Matter Activist for Disrupting African American Supporters

In an interview with NBC News, Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg scolded a Black Lives Matter activist for disrupting a meeting of African American supporters in his hometown of South Bend, Ind.

In the incident, which was captured on video, a man identified as Igor Rodriguez interrupted South Bend Common Council member Sharon McBride as she was describing why she supports Buttigieg’s effort to secure the Democratic nomination and defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

“Where are the black leaders who don’t have three-piece suits, leather jackets, and nice clothing?” Rodriguez shouted. He then rushed the front of the room and grabbed the microphone from McBride, shouting, “We have a police crisis in this town. Why are we talking about Pete Buttigieg?”

Calm was restored to the room when a group of speakers managed to wrangle the microphone away from Rodriguez.

Buttigieg was not at the event Wednesday, but told NBC Thursday that it was an “unfortunate” demonstration of the current political climate. 

“It shows kind of where politics has come to, especially for somebody to interrupt an African American woman who was speaking about her truth and in her experience,” Buttigieg said. “But this is the climate that we’re in and we need to continue making sure that everyone is empowered to speak their truth, their experience, and in particular, when it comes to South Bend’s story.”

Staffers for the mayor took to Twitter after the meeting and blamed the incident on supporters of his rival in the Democratic race, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Sanders campaign did not respond to a request for comment from NBC.

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General Confusion

“If you disagree on the fantasy status, perhaps you can help the General out by listing the 217 Reps and 60 Senators that will vote for M4A, free college and college debt elimination.” Phyllis

As much as I tried, your reply to me below just won’t open. Your other replies opened just fine. I presume that you included something like the above.

The House and Senate that we currently have won’t all be the ones after 2020. We won’t get the changes that we need if we don’t TRY to get them.

General Confusion

“The M4A and Free college are Bernie and Elizabeth’s fantasies.” Phyllis These are not fantasies. The rest of the developed world has a much better health care systen FOR ALL, and we USED to have essentially free college in the US, so these two policies ARE very doable. We just have to want it enough to elect uncorrupted politicians and demand getting them implemented. A better health care system covering EVERYBODY is mandatory and nothing is better than the M4A plan from Bernie Sanders. You certainly have never described a better one. Student debt is a MASSIVE drag on our… Read more »


Gee, Pete. Nothing says condescending so much as NOT allowing people to speak for themselves. Like you just treated your black supporters.

Phyllis Softa

It is clear that we have indulged the INSANITY going on in this country far too long. It is way past time to acknowledge that it is INSANITY. Every candidate should be asked how they will address it. And let’s stop with the fantasy plans on both sides of the aisle. The wall addresses only a small fraction of the illegal entry of drugs and people. Ukraine did not interfere in the U.S. election—members of the Republican party actually said worse things about Trump than any Ukrainian. The M4A and Free college are Bernie and Elizabeth’s fantasies. MAKE AMERICA SANE… Read more »





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